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Can't get rid of thrush

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dinny Fri 07-May-04 10:09:02

Hi, I am having a problem with getting rid of thrush this pregnancy. Though I seem to have been prone to it ever since I had dd (esp round ovulation???) Anyone heard of this happening after giving birth?

I did Canestan pessary treatment (advised by midwife) a couple of weeks ago but I can feel it starting to come back.

Worried in case it's indicative of anything else. Why can't I shift it? Any ideas?


Jasmum Fri 07-May-04 10:33:01

I suffered with thrush for about a year although not whilst I was pregnant. I tried everything & more in the end the ONLY thing that shifted it permanently was a homeopathic treatment. I have no idea if you can use this whilst pregnant so I would make an appointment to see one.
Hope it clears up it is so miserable....

Nimme Fri 07-May-04 10:40:58

Dinny - are you sure it's thrush??

I had a discharge ever since the birth of DD1 which seemed worse around ovulation (not that I knew when that was at first). I had several tests (incl the STD kind - not amused!) until I finally asked to see a gynaecologist who took one look and told me I had an erosion (also called something else..?)

Basically some of the lining of my womb had been pulled out when giving birth and was sitting on cervix (and spreading). I couldn't feel a thing but due to difference in acidity I produced lots of clear discharge (like cervical mucus at ovulation). I had 2 x 1 minute treatments (that didn't hurt) and it was gone.

To be graphic - is your discharge clear or grainy/lumpy/opaquey?

Hope this helps.

emmatmg Fri 07-May-04 10:50:38

I had thrush after each of our DS's (3 of them) and during the pregnancies.

I just used the cream as found the pesseries quite painful.

Soulfly Fri 07-May-04 10:51:47

I had thrush all through my pregnancy with ds2, and after, kept having to have those things you squirt up with cream, but i know if it doesn't go the doctor can give you a pill or something to clear it up. Go back to the doctors and say thats not working, its horrible thrush it drives you mad. Hope you find something soon.xx

dinny Fri 07-May-04 10:53:33

Nimme, no, no sure it is. But the symptoms are like when I had thrush before dd (ie when took antibiotics).

Have had a coil fitted and removed since dd1's birth and nothing was noticed then (though, actually, it didn't seem a problem till after coil fitted - a reason I took it out).

Will maybe ask to get referred to gynae - after next delivery, I suppose. Wonder if it will have any impact on this preg/birth. Thanks v much anyway, Dinny

gingernut Fri 07-May-04 17:53:14

I had a very resitant bout of thrush (not when pg though) that I finally got rid of using Canesten cream and dietary changes. Basically, fungal diseases thrive on high blood sugar so try to cut out sugary foods, including dried fruit, fruit juice etc. (you can have sweet things after a main meal though). Caffeine and alcohol are also supposed to make it worse but since you're pg I don't suppose you're going for those much anyway. Also, eat some bio yogurt and you could try applying some `down there' too! I was told to avoid the oral treatment during pg (can't remember what it's called but generic name is fluconazole).

How long is it since your last antenatal appointment? I ask because I suppose it's possible you are developing gestational diabetes which would mean you have a higher than usual blood sugar level (and hence would be more susceptible to thrush). It might be worth trying to ring your midwife next week and see what she says. (I don't mean to worry you, this is only a slight possibility but might be worth checking)


Flip Fri 07-May-04 17:59:13

I agree that an erotion could be the cause. I thought I had thrush all though my pregnancy but it wasn't until my water broke early and they examined me that the gyneacologist found the erosion. Mine had got worse as my womb had got bigger and rubbed against my cervix. I had a heavy discharge which caused itching.

dinny Sat 08-May-04 20:22:25

thanks for your advice everyone.

Gingernut, I have an antenatal app next week. Do the urine dipsticks test for gest diabetes or blood test? Will tell midwife thrush (or whatever it is!) hasn't gone away. Though it's not full-on (iykwim!!) - just a kind of about-to- happen feeling down there.

Flip, I suppose nothing can be done if it is cervical erosion whilst preg anyway?
What was your treatment and did it work?

HelloMama Sat 08-May-04 21:02:54

Thrush does not always go away with just one treatment of canesten and it can be a bit stubborn, especially if the thrush is originating from very high up in the vagina. You could ask your midwife / GP if they could give you a 5-day course of pessaries which you use every night for 5 days. This normally does the trick! I work in a sexual health clinic and this is what is prescribed for women who have persistent problems with thrush. Also the other advice about trying to cut down on sugary and yeasty foods is also helpful. As for ectropian cervix's this is nothing to worry about and many women who are using hormonal contraception / those who are pregnant have them. They are not harmful or cause any problems except some women notice slightly more discharge than usual, in which case, treatment can be offered (usually laser ablation, which sounds scary, but isn't!). The treatment isn't essential though unless the additional discharge bothers you.

gingernut Sat 08-May-04 22:02:30

dinny, yes the dipsticks test for sugar in the urine which can indicate gestational diabetes. If positive, you would have to have further tests (usually a glucose tolerance test IIRC).

dinny Thu 13-May-04 21:03:30

Hello, well, had antenatal app yesterday and urine sample all fine (dipstick result normal). Thrush seems to be abating a bit now, thank goodness.
Very interesting about thrush treatment and cervical erosion, HelloMama. Thanks for the advice. Dinny ps I hav been drinking LOTS of lemonade this preg as only thing that helped with the sickness for ages. Maybe that didn't help!

windmill Sat 15-May-04 15:08:05

Jasmum, I'm a complementary therapist homeopathic remedies are fine in pregnancy. Was it sulphur you used, this is a good thrush remedy.

Tea tree oil in the bath, very small amount, is excellent as it is antifungal, but how pregnant are you, may be contra-indiacted.

nicmum2boys Sat 15-May-04 22:50:31

Is it definately thrush? Sorry to ask such a question, but I had v bad thrush from 15weeks with DS1, which just did not respond to treatment. Finally at 30ish weeks GP did swab and found it was a strep infection (strep g, not the highly publisized strep b), and I had to have IV antibiotics in labour, just in case. It was also picked up from a swab on Ds1's umbilicus, but thankfully he showed no symptoms. Don't mean to scare you, but might be worth asking for a swab if you haven't already had one.

ninja Sat 15-May-04 22:58:28

Dinny - I can really recommend the dietery changes, having had persistent thrush which became drug resistant while breast fedding - cutting sugar, yeast, diary, ... out of mt diet really helped. If you can't shift it let me know if you want me to give you the full diet (it was Wills on mumsnet posted it to me - I'll look for it)

Hope you're feeling better

dinny Sun 16-May-04 20:25:33

Ninja, would like to see the diet, in case it comes back. Has gone for now - am starting to think it is worse when I am working (have been off for 10 days). Think sitting down for 10 hours at a time and wearing a thong make it worse (sorry, gross!!)
Nicmum, haven't had swab test but GP sent urine sample away for UTI testing - would that have picked it up? Thanks, D

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