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Beccylee92 Fri 17-Jul-15 20:10:15

Hi I'm 27 weeks pregnant I noticed that I have swelling in my left leg it's been there for about 2 weeks now iv notice what looks like a bruise I haven't banged it and it dosnt hurt my hands and arms keep going numb should I call my midwife? Has anyone else had this??

Daffodil1210 Fri 17-Jul-15 20:21:49

I think you need to get this checked out ASAP to rule out anything serious (such as DVT) - perhaps you could call 111?

NeuroticFox1 Sat 18-Jul-15 12:51:24

Agree with above please get checked asap in case of dvt x

Beccylee92 Sun 19-Jul-15 00:07:30

What happens if it dvt?? Should I be worried?? Xx

Daffodil1210 Sun 19-Jul-15 03:22:52

I believe that if it is DVT they'll give you some drugs to stop the clot getting bigger so it can then be reqbdorbed into the body and you'll be monitored closely for the rest of your pregnancy - there is more info here:

I don't want to worry you but, although DVT is rare during pregnancy, it can be life threatening so if you do have it (and I'm not saying you do!!) it needs to be checked out and treated urgently, so if I were you I'd call 111 or go to A&E tomorrow morning if you haven't already if you're still having the symptoms as per your original post.

Daffodil1210 Sun 19-Jul-15 03:23:36

Reabsorbed even!!

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