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Newborn outfit - where did you get yours

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Dildals Fri 17-Jul-15 12:16:52

I am looking for a 'coming home' outfit for a newborn baby boy.

I want to buy him one nice outfit for the photos (after that he'll be in his big sisters pink baby grows :-) ) but I can't find anything that appeals. I want something a bit different but not too 'boysy' ie no cars/tractors.

I was looking at Toby Tiger, which is cute, but an over the head outfit is simply not practical for a baby (is my opinion).

Did any of you find some cool newborn baby boys outfits?

Yummysalads Fri 17-Jul-15 12:20:47

Have a look at Next, they do some fabulous pieces for baby boys.

P.S, he'll be in his sisters old pink baby grows, really? confused

Christelle2207 Fri 17-Jul-15 12:24:45

JL have nice stuff, and stock Joules and Emile + Rose stuff which is lovely if pricey

NoArmaniNoPunani Fri 17-Jul-15 12:27:20

Frugi and Olive and Moss have nice things if you like Toby tiger

BeautifulBatman Fri 17-Jul-15 12:28:31

I think some of the JoJo sleep suits are gorgeous. That and a nice pram blanket smile

Flisspaps Fri 17-Jul-15 12:28:42

Both DS and DD's outfits were from Sainsburys grin

GrizzlebertGrumbledink Fri 17-Jul-15 12:29:20

The white company do fantastic quality baby clothes and have a sale on

GlitzAndGigglesx Fri 17-Jul-15 12:31:29

Mine came home in Asda baby grows blush. I love Next's baby clothes though

diploddycus Fri 17-Jul-15 12:34:13

I second next. I got cute little tshirts and jersey trousers in wee sizes. They look very comfy. Mine will probably be in sleepsuits most of the time when he's newborn too.

And yes, if he was girl she'd still wear her big brothers dinosaur sleepsuits. They're only sleepsuits ffs!

Christelle2207 Fri 17-Jul-15 12:45:54

While I completely see your point you will wonder in the future what was the point of spending lots of money on an item barely worngrin. My son is mostly growing up in supermarket and hand me down/second hand stuff.
It's a good time of year for sales

diploddycus Fri 17-Jul-15 12:48:15

Oh and I like M&S for jersey dungaree sets.

Yummysalads Fri 17-Jul-15 12:49:44

But pink for a boy? Seems a bit bloody odd. Why don't you just buy some unisex/blue ones cheaply or even second hand?

ladymalfoy Fri 17-Jul-15 12:51:12

We'd been in for five days because of traumatic birth and treatment for jaundice.
We were ready to dig our way out despite the truly wonderful care.
When they said 'you're good to go' we threw everything in bags and ran from the hospital.

jmac88 Fri 17-Jul-15 13:06:13

yummy what is the big deal? Don't fear, wearing punk won't make a boy grow ovaries! I think pink can look lovely on baby's irrelevant of their sex! If I have a baby girl she will be wearing plenty of blue because it's a pretty nice colour!

jmac88 Fri 17-Jul-15 13:06:53

Oops pink not punk. Not sure what wearing punk might do to a baby....

Yummysalads Fri 17-Jul-15 13:07:21

My daughter will also be wearing a lot of blues but pink on a boy, (not just the color of course, the patterns), just doesn't sit well.

Why put a girly design on a boy? It's not just about the color

Hellochicken Fri 17-Jul-15 13:08:59

It's only a colour.
defensively holding 8 day old daughter wearing blue handmedown sleep suit

I have always got 1 "special" coming home from hospital outfit.

Yesterday I was in mothercare and there was lots of nice boys clothes. They had (Prince George inspired?) retro sailor suit outfits, full suits for newborns (tuxedo and bow ties!!) and also some nice knitted cardigans, a shirt/vest hybrid (which I'd never seen before). I did buy anything, just went in for nipple shields!!

Iloveonionchutney Fri 17-Jul-15 13:10:25

I'm using my daughters clothes for our new arrival, don't know what we're having but if it's a boy I don't think he'll complain about sleeping in girly sleepsuits, these nothing wrong with them so why waste money on new!
I'm looking for a nice neutral outfit to come home in built their all so bland sad

MrsAukerman Fri 17-Jul-15 13:12:43

yummy stop trying to pick a fight. This is mn and all the cool mummies dress their boys in pink fairy dresses and all the girls love dinosaurs. Don't you know anything?! hmm

leggingsarenottrousers Fri 17-Jul-15 13:14:00

Oh FFS. Yep, don't reuse any perfectly good sleep suits you already have just in case a poor little boy catches The Gay from some pink clothing.

To OP; my suggestions would be White Company for white, more traditional clothes or Frugi if you like bright colours (also, their organic cotton is gorgeously soft). Best of luck with your imminent arrival smile

Micah Fri 17-Jul-15 13:14:25

Yummy- our county colour this year is pink.

Anyone representing the county wears the pink t shirt.

No one has objected, male or female, aged 7-18.

It's your issue, not the o/p's. She can put her baby in any colour she likes.

MrsAukerman Fri 17-Jul-15 13:14:50

Back to the question..... I think something handmade is lovely for leaving hospital. At this time of year maybe a nice quality babygrow in a plain colour then a nice grandma knitted blanket or light cardie. Crochet would be nice and not too warm.

MrsDumbledore Fri 17-Jul-15 13:27:21

We didn't plan a going home outfit, but had been given a lovely Jojo maman bebe sleepsuit whilst in hospital so put him in that as nicer than the supermarket sleepsuits we had taken with us. They have some gorgeous ones, and really practical.

Fugghetaboutit Fri 17-Jul-15 13:27:22

I go mine from Jojo too, lovely soft white sleep suit with little embroidered blue stars <weeps at memory>

misssmilla1 Fri 17-Jul-15 13:37:37

*My daughter will also be wearing a lot of blues but pink on a boy, (not just the color of course, the patterns), just doesn't sit well.

Why put a girly design on a boy? It's not just about the color*

hmm wtaf? You're reasoning is so far beyond comprehension, it must be a wind up.

OP - Boden has got some nice outfits and they've aways got stuff on in the sale. I bought some 0-3 outfits and sleep suits with 50% off

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