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38 weeks today.....! 😳 anyone else?

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Cymrublonde1 Thu 16-Jul-15 21:48:31

38 weeks today on second pregnancy!! Can't quite believe how close I am now, it's flown around!!

Anyone else around same?
Starting to feel a bit nervous about labour again! wink

Luciferbox Fri 17-Jul-15 01:17:36


Mamabear14 Fri 17-Jul-15 06:44:52

I'm 38+4 on my third, but it's been almost 9 years since I had a baby so in feeling quite nervous. I have so far had 2 failed sweeps this week with another tomorrow, I don't hold much hope that I will have her before induction at 40wks. Is everyone else waiting for any sort of sign that things might be kicking off? I'm driving myself mad!

angelicjen Fri 17-Jul-15 07:11:40

37+5 here, first time. It suddenly feels very real!

Nottalotta Fri 17-Jul-15 07:27:12

38 tomorrow and booked in for c section at 38 ++ 6 due to breech baby. That's a week today!!!!

Augustwedding Fri 17-Jul-15 07:39:38

I'm 38+ 4. I can't wait to meet him but I'm so over pregnancy!

AuntieStella Fri 17-Jul-15 07:55:22

Did you miss these threads? Lots of 'about to drop' chat there.

Augustwedding Fri 17-Jul-15 07:57:58

I'm n the August one

youlemming Fri 17-Jul-15 08:01:01

Yes 38 today with second, really hoping something happens soon as had signs since Sunday!

bettybyebye Fri 17-Jul-15 08:08:03

Yes 38+4 today with DC2 and really starting to get fed up now - I had DC1 at 37 weeks so feel overdue! Trying to get my head around the fact that I could go to 42 weeks shock . I'm constantly analysing every ache and twinge!

Cymrublonde1 Fri 17-Jul-15 09:16:01

Hi girls!! ☺️

Didn't know about that thread so thank you...
I went 9 days over on my daughter and so I could quite easily still have 3 to 4 weeks left, can't help analysing every twinge like you girls and thinking it's going to happen sooner this time!! Lol.
What signs have you had?

Hophop987 Fri 17-Jul-15 09:20:19

37+5 with second. I'm actually enjoying this pregnancy so not in a hurry for something to happen smile

PiercedMrsL Fri 17-Jul-15 10:06:12

37+4 here and getting very impatient. Looks like I have spd, so am currently doing an attractive old lady shuffle and swearing a lot at the pain. Just hoping husbands flight isn't delayed so he should be home by this time next week fingers crossed!!

Cymrublonde1 Fri 17-Jul-15 10:56:26

I am really enjoying this pregnancy too. ☺️
I really enjoyed my first one too.

Starting to feel very excited but nervous and I think the nerves are because I know what to expect this time!! ��

Cymrublonde1 Fri 17-Jul-15 10:56:46

I hope your husband makes it back pierced

Blobby11 Fri 17-Jul-15 10:59:17

38 today with number 3
Birth cannot come soon enough!

PiercedMrsL Fri 17-Jul-15 12:07:21

Thank you cymru he's been away since April so he's in for a shock when he sees how much I've grown grin

RugBugs Fri 17-Jul-15 13:26:31

37+2 with DC3, first was here by now and second was early too.
Baby's bottom has dropped a good 2" over the last few days and my backside is quite sore, they're my only signs. Second didn't engage until well into active labour.
I'm so exhausted, very very glad that teacher DP finishes today.

MumToBe2015R Fri 17-Jul-15 19:18:24

37+6 today & want baby out! Feeling hot around the clock, bad lower back pain during the night, really bad pain on back upper thighs, loose bowels.

Just want him here now!! Anyone else like this? Could this be it? It's my first so unsure on what to expect.

Hope everyone's pregnancies are going well x

FourAndDone Fri 17-Jul-15 19:44:40

38+3 DC5
Booked in for a homebirth.
My body has never laboured naturally always needed the drip.
I am in DENIAL!confused

Cymrublonde1 Fri 17-Jul-15 23:53:34

Oh my gosh pierced, he will be so surprised!!!! smile

What were people's second labour like? Did they start the same as the first?

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