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Mirena coil - possibly pregnant?!

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Finnsmummy90 Thu 16-Jul-15 12:45:19

Hi ladies..
I have been on the Mirena for almost 3 years with no trouble, I've not had one period since it was put in and although my strings have curled up, the DR seems very confident that removal (when it needs to be) should still be simple.
However in the last 5 days or so I have been having pregnancy symptoms, I have been feeling nauseous and have been physically sick at the smell of eggs for breakfast! I feel very emotional and just 'heavy' similar to how I felt in the early stages with DS pregnancy. I have taken a test which has come back negative but I am still feeling unwell should I wait a little longer and try again or book a Drs appointment? Really worried as now would not be the time for a second child!! shock

SpottyTeacakes Thu 16-Jul-15 12:48:44

I got pregnant with the mirena in BUT I had monthly periods from the go and when they took it out it was lying on my cervix so I think my body was trying to expel it. I think it's unlikely but worth seeing a GP just in case.

Skiptonlass Thu 16-Jul-15 19:32:12

As spotty says, unlikely but not impossible.

I'd definitely book a GP appointment for a few days time and get the position checked and another test done. The liklihood of you being pregnant is low but it's important you know if you are pregnant as the chances of ectopic are higher with a coil in. They can shift/move so best to check.

Incidentally, I had a mirena for a few years and I did have a couple of 'shifts' in the way it behaved - no periods to light random bleeding for a few months and back again. Never understood why.

They're really painless to remove - my strings had curled too. Took her a bit of rummaging to grab them but the removal I barely felt.

RaaRaaTheLion Thu 16-Jul-15 19:38:01

Another one who got pregnant while on the mirena coil..or at least thought she was! It expelled itself from my body without me knowing blush Luckily I was testing monthly anyway as I had no periods while on it and DD is now 7 months.

I know a fair few people who's have either expelled or been knocked out of position etc so I strongly suggest testing. If you get a positive result, I'd get a doctors appointment ASAP.

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