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12 week scan boy or girl?

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misstilly Thu 16-Jul-15 10:26:56

Hi I've had my 12 week scan today and have been reading up on nub theory, however I can't decide if it's looking like boy or girl. What are your opinions please?

WinterOfOurDiscountTents15 Thu 16-Jul-15 10:35:44

Its definitely a boy or a girl. Nobody in here can tell you which though.

Dunkyourcustardcream Thu 16-Jul-15 10:55:48

I can, it's a boy. Bet you a big bag maltesers....

Dunkyourcustardcream Thu 16-Jul-15 10:56:12

Of maltesers, I mean.

ChicaMomma Thu 16-Jul-15 11:18:51

What's the nub theory again?

did you ask what the babies heart rate was?
Story goes, 100-140 is boy, 140-180 is girl.. i'd say it's tenuous enough!

My boy was 130 though, so was correct in that instance, this one is 170 and i'm finding out the sex next week. Convinced it's a girl, have been from teh start. Had blood taken yesterday (9+5) for panorama screening so they will also be able to tell me the sex next week!

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