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Sore boobs after morning after pill?

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Arkkorox Wed 15-Jul-15 21:41:02

Sorry wasn't sure where best to post this. A friend took the morning after pill last Thursday, ever since then she's had sore boobs and a few cramps over the 24 hours after it was taken.

She had the pill 14 hours after sex. Anyone experienced this before or shall I advise her to POAS? She doesn't have regular periods but is most likely due AF towards the end of next week and is due to have a coil fitted at the end of the month so obviously getting to the bottom of this is quite urgent.

tinyme135 Wed 15-Jul-15 21:48:32

I haven't had no experience with it but if I can remember right by what a pharmacist said to me when I worked with them, your more than likely going to have a period some point after taking it. So the cramping could be the start of that. If I can remember anything else what she said ill let you know.

tinyme135 Wed 15-Jul-15 21:50:12

Also found this out too, hope it helps;

Side effects of the morning-after pill typically last only a few days and may include:

Nausea or vomiting.Dizziness.Fatigue.Headache.Breast tenderness.Bleeding between periods or heavier menstrual bleeding.Lower abdominal pain or cramps.

Loraline Wed 15-Jul-15 21:52:45

I tend to have sore breasts with hormonal changes including starting the pill and coming off it.

Arkkorox Wed 15-Jul-15 21:58:51

Thank you have passed all the above on.

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