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Breastfeeding during pregnancy - support thread?

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Claramoon Wed 15-Jul-15 19:38:59

Does anyone know if there is a current thread on this? Looking for others in same situation for some advice. I'm 7weeks and feeding my 1 yo couple of times/day. Thank you!

hideandsqueak Wed 15-Jul-15 21:51:14

I started one in the antenatal clubs but there wasn't much interest! I'm 27 weeks and my DS who is 20 months feeds at bedtime and occasionally if he is poorly.
I used to get quite sore nipples and nausea with let down and somewhere in the middle my milk appeared to go but it seems to be back now... Sometimes it's just easier to carry on feeding than stop!

RainbowTortoise Wed 15-Jul-15 22:11:33

I'm 35 weeks and still feeding my 2.3 year old. She feeds morning, nap time if we are at home and bed time. She has very recently stopped feeding at night, I'm wondering how this may change once baby is here though!

Never thought I would tandem feed but I don't think she will give up anytime soon. I'm a bit nervous as to what she will think and feel when she sees the new baby feeding. She tells me the baby will have a bottle. Hmm....

frazzledtofun Wed 15-Jul-15 22:34:15


I'm 24 weeks and still feeding my 2 and a half yr old. Probably only once a day if that and only when asked as it's rather sore!

I think my milk has dried up and when I ask her if there is anything there she says no but still seems to want to feed.

Interesting that your milk has come back now Hide - when do you think that happened? (and hello by the way - remember me from the breastfeeding while TTC thread?)

Rainbow I wonder how my DD will take it when I am feeding the new baby. I have tried to prepare her by explaining that is ALL the new baby can eat or drink and that she had the same when she was a baby but now she is lucky she can eat and drink so many things. Whenever we see babies or talk about babies I reinforce it. I am also planning to allow her to feed if she wants to - of course if it happens every time the baby wants to feed we may need to think again...

hideandsqueak Thu 16-Jul-15 08:18:22

Hi frazzled I do remember you! You are not far behind me. My nipples are still sore as well but luckily at one feed a day I can just about to cope. There were a couple of days where he didn't feed at all and I thought he might wean but then about a week ago I noticed he had a milk moustache! Obviously he is back on!

He likes to get his toys to breastfeed so I am hoping that will help. He does have a baby doll and pram and he likes to feed her water from his cup and cat biscuits. Perhaps we need to improve on that one!

HarimadSol Thu 16-Jul-15 08:30:14

Hi, may I join? I'm 7+6 weeks pregnant and have a 10 month DD. She currently bfs 4 times a day; thankfully my nipples haven't been too sore. I don't see her giving up any time soon! Feeling exhausted.

rdr15 Thu 16-Jul-15 08:33:59

I'm about 8 weeks pregnant and still feeding my 1 year old and my nipples have been really sore! I wasn't sure if it was teeth or pregnancy but it's making me dread feeding her and it hasn't helped that she has tonsillitis so had wanted lots of comfort feeds! I don't know whether I want to keep feeding her anymore sad

cookiefiend Thu 16-Jul-15 08:43:42

I am 23 weeks DD is 22 months and feeds at night, sometimes in the morning and at nap time if we are in the house, but not when out and about. My nipples are sore at the moment, but only when she first latches so not too bad. Hoping my supply will increase again shortly as I think it has been quite low. I need to look into tandem feeding more.

hideandsqueak Thu 16-Jul-15 10:09:08

Does anyone know when your milk turns to colostrum? I just don't understand how it works... Will I produce enough colostrum for new baby and DS?! Will my body think I've had twins?

Yzma Thu 16-Jul-15 10:27:23

I'm 36 weeks and still feeding 2 year old DD; thought she might self wean as I haven't had much milk since 8 weeks or so but she's determined to carry on so think I'll be tandem feeding soon! It has been really sore the whole time but I have managed to get her night weaned so she only has 2 - 3 feeds a day max. As due date approaches she's more and more interested so I must have more milk now.
hide I think your milk can change to colostrum any time from 20 weeks onwards. My DD wasn't bothered when mine did. And I'm sure you will produce enough for both DC, your body apparently adapts to their separate needs. No idea how!

Claramoon Thu 16-Jul-15 21:22:45

Great to hear from everyone. I'm not sore yet but perhaps that is coming! Rainbow and Yzma, how did you go about night weaning? I fed my older child until she was 2 but she stopped night feeds early on. DS is q different and still feeding a fair amount at night. I'd like to gently encourage feeds first thing/at bedtime instead... At the moment he is much less interested then!!

feeona123 Thu 16-Jul-15 22:17:05

Hey another one here. I'm 17 weeks and my little girl is 15 months. She only feeds in the morning and when we have I'm back at work that's hardly ever.

I think she will stop fairly soon. It feels like she is digging her teeth on! Ouch.

My midwife made a comment how my girl would steal all the babies colostrum. Deep down I know that can't be right but it did get me thinking about how it all works.

P.s hate my midwife so wish I had hard evidence to come back at her after she said that!

frazzledtofun Thu 16-Jul-15 22:36:41

Just a quick one from me. To all those worried about how your body will cope with producing for two children and / or stealing baby's colostrum - don't worry!

Colostrum is produced continually until your milk comes in after the birth so a toddler can't "use it all up". Once baby is born then yes probably better to give them priority. Your body quickly adapts and I've even heard of someone who had one boob that fed toddler with "older milk" and other boob that fed newborn with colostrum. Weird but true! (this was after her toddler only fed on one side during her pregnancy).

If anyone else is a bookworm like me you might be interested to read the following:

Both will give you all the hard facts you need about tandem feeding etc. and really interesting to read!

hideandsqueak Sun 19-Jul-15 17:45:26

Thanks for the info frazzled that's really useful. I am fairly sure I'm making colostrum now. Does this mean that my toddler is not getting milk just little bits of colostrum? He's having loads of cow milk now in the day so the boob is just a comfort thing really rather than nutrition.

creamoftomato Sun 19-Jul-15 19:37:29

Can I join? Really interested to read about the colostrum because I was also wondering about that, especially about what happens in the first few days after birth.

So I'm 26 weeks with no. 2 and DS is 15 months. Feeding him morning (5am waking for the last couple of months argh) and bedtime, plus if he's unwell or hurts himself. Definitely think supply really diminished / sometimes totally disappeared for a few weeks (maybe 12-18ish?) and latching on especially was really uncomfortable though DS wasn't put off at all. seems to be back at the moment!

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