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Wonderworldx Wed 15-Jul-15 15:40:03

I am 5 days late for my period and this is our dirty month of trying. I have been putting off doing a test cos have been so scared of being disappointed. I then got some tests through the post today and was desperate todo one. It got hardly any wee on cos I didn't need to go that much (think it was my brain telling me I did) and this is the result...

What do you think??

Wonderworldx Wed 15-Jul-15 15:40:54

Just realised In my excitement I can't type and have put dirty month, I meant first haha!

Whatabout Wed 15-Jul-15 15:42:05

As long as you read it within the time frame then looks good to me!

ChicaMomma Wed 15-Jul-15 16:00:04

Would you get a Clear Blue Digital test? They just give a digital reading saying Pregnant or not pregnant and how many weeks along you are!

it looks like a positive to me but i hate those tests, i prefer the digital ones.

Appleblossom82 Wed 15-Jul-15 16:40:38

Looks good to me! Congratulations, the dirty month did the trick ;-)

scarednoob Wed 15-Jul-15 17:38:21

looks upduffed to me! I recommend a first response one to be sure - I got 3 negatives until I tried first response, that confirmed why my period was so late....

Junosmum Wed 15-Jul-15 18:01:18

That's positive- congratulations. (and welcome to the first month bonus club!)

MissMartin10 Wed 15-Jul-15 18:07:48

Haha dirty month made me giggle
Yep thats a positive. .Congratulations!! grin xx

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