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Any good tips for getting pregnant? Apart from the obvious!

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Looneytunes Thu 06-May-04 22:03:59

Sounds like a daft question I know, but apart from the obvious does anyone have any old wives tales about trying to get pregnant. It took us over a year for dd1 and we are trying again but I don't want a huge age gap between the two and we are having no luck so far. I know you are not supposed to think about it as it will never happen, but it's so hard not to.

Tommy Thu 06-May-04 22:14:19

Arrange for a priest to come round for dinner to talk about your wedding, get really drunk and then take a shower together (wait until the priest has gone before you do this or he gets really embarrassed)- it worked for us!

beansprout Thu 06-May-04 22:18:03

Hope this is not too obvious but my GP said to just forget any charts and that basically the more sex the more likely, no matter what time of the month. Not quite sure about the science of that, but dp was happy with it (if I didn't know better I'd think he slipped the doc a tenner!)

Plus all the usual stuff about stopping drinking, smoking, right diet, right pants for dp/dh etc.

Good luck

Looneytunes Thu 06-May-04 22:32:03

When i got pregnant with dd1 i didn't have a clue where I was in my cycle and had given up the hope of ever getting pregnant - always the way I'm sure!
Sex sex and more sex then this month!

cazzybabs Thu 06-May-04 22:38:34

Stop trying. Just have sex without contraceptives, amybe even start thinking that prehaps its not a good idea to have another baby, plan to start a new job/re-train and wham there you are - bun in the oven.

seriously, I am sure this worked for us, don't keep thinking everytime you have sex it has to be for a baby! Oh and you could try some sexy underwear, zinc for your dp/h, and folic acid for you and I have also read caffine for dp before the deed (not sure how long before hand though) AND don't walk round after sex.

cab Thu 06-May-04 23:10:05

Suggest to dp that (in my case) as you've hit forty and have been trying for so long and nothing has happened maybe it's time he got the snip.
Bingo - very early pregnant now.

twogorgeousboys Thu 06-May-04 23:21:41

Dont have any old wives tales, but have found those kits that work out exactly when you are ovulating, helped me get pregnant pretty pronto. Being in my VERY late 30's, didn't feel I could hang about too long, even though the constant trying to get pregnant was most pleasant.

Anyway, can't remember exact name of the kits, but they look like pregnancy testing kits and are sold in Boots.

BigBird Fri 07-May-04 09:20:05

Hey LooneyTunes - why not go over to the Conception board to the ttc threads - you'll get a lot of advice there. I have spent the best part of the last year reading the advice on there and it has helped a lot. Good luck.

piglit Fri 07-May-04 09:33:52

Start a new job. I fell pg the week after I started my new job. Ooops.

sponge Fri 07-May-04 09:38:16

Easier said than done I know, but relax and try to forget about it.

Nimme Fri 07-May-04 09:44:30

Start talking seriously about adopting - got pg within a week of that!

Started charting when trying for no 2 - had a hit first month! (ovulated later than I thought - never one of those women who can feel anything and I knew Sweet FA about my body/cycle)

And check out Conception thread as BigBird said.

beansprout Fri 07-May-04 09:46:44

Go into work and check out the maternity leave policy. Come home and say "woah, hold on, we need to wait another month, and then my entitlement changes (due to length of service) to a package that makes this affordable" and.... bingo!

carwillin Fri 07-May-04 09:50:11

Go to Australia for 3 weeks and have sex LOTS!!

It worked for us

bunny2 Fri 07-May-04 09:50:21

I'd definately go for charting. It gives a real insight into yout cycle. Fertility Friend has some more information. on it. I got pg second month of charting.

Also dh/dp should cut down on booze and cigarettes to improve sperm quality.

Looneytunes Fri 07-May-04 13:40:26

that's how I got pregga last time, started a new job, forgot about babies, and hey presto!
Might start charting then, thanks everyone.

juniper68 Fri 07-May-04 13:47:29

My mate and I got pregnant when we shouldn't have been ovulating so we reckon we ovulate at a wierd time.

DH shouldn't wear tight trousers/pants either (keep his tackle cool ) and yes have lots of fun!

collision Fri 07-May-04 13:56:10

Put dh on zinc as it produces nice healthy sperm and dont forget to start on folic acid. After sex keep your legs up against the wall to allow for gravity and all that.

Just keep having sex. I worked out my OV dates and we were lucky first time for both. I have PCOS so didnt know if we could conceive at all.


shrub Fri 07-May-04 14:06:57

i used fertility chart i found on ivillage (i think) also remember reading how important it is to prop up your bottom with cushion after sex (so your tilted upwards to help the sperm) for as long as possible

bunny2 Fri 07-May-04 14:26:16

Dont go to the toilet for 20 mins after a shag. Also, some positions are better (doggy I think). Enjoy

marsup Fri 07-May-04 14:28:58

Bunny2 I'll second the doggy one. Took us 18 months of trying in missionary position which I thought would be better and one go in doggy mode which was just for fun!

bunny2 Sun 09-May-04 21:33:47

I think the tilt of the vaginal passage helps gravity-wise. Just keep the lights low if you have an %rse like mine

alexsmum Sun 09-May-04 22:09:00

storknet has a thing that if you type in your cycle length etc it tells you the best days to have sex.Worked for us!!
don't use ky jelly...bad for sperm

alexsmum Sun 09-May-04 22:10:07

oh and my mum always says " new house, new baby".once you have committed all your money to your new mortgage ,pregnancy is a sure thing!!

juniper68 Sun 09-May-04 22:11:49

roflmao @ bunny2

ChicPea Sun 09-May-04 22:38:05

Can I be really frank?
Saw Prof Winston program on conception some time ago and it showed that when the woman climaxed, the cervix scooped/sucked up the semen that had been ejaculated which meant it got right into the uterus and nearer the egg. So when me and DH were trying, remembered this and made sure he went before me so that it was there ready for me. Am I making sense? Got preg first month!!!!!!!!!! Was so pleased. Thanks Proff Winston. Would never have known this otherwise. Oh! I do have a high protein diet. No starving myself. Good luck!!
PS While I think its best to really go for it from day 10-18 on a 28 day cycle, I read a study on conception during the second world war when women were getting pregnant. Their loved ones were visiting NOT mid cycle and women still got pregnant which concluded that the passion/chemistry sparked off something v.powerful and the egg was released.

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