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what does a cs scar feel like in the next pregnancy?

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Zerub Thu 06-May-04 21:49:23

What does the caesarean scar feel like when you're pregnant again?

Its 2 years since dd was born, and my scar and the area around it are no longer numb, which is nice. Aches occasionally (particularly when I have my period) and itches sometimes. What's it likely to feel like when I'm pregnant again? Will it hurt as I get bigger?

futurity Thu 06-May-04 21:52:10

good question...i was wondering that (if i ever bl**dy get pregnant!!)

Nutcracker Thu 06-May-04 21:53:03

I don't think mine hurt when i was pregnant (i've had 3 sections). Think it did itch a bit but other than that it was fine.
I know somepeople do have pain in their scar in future pregnancies though, and if you do you should always mention it to your midwife or doctor.

Janh Thu 06-May-04 21:54:13

zerub, mine stayed numb, so that might make a difference, but I can't remember having any problems with it at all (and I had 4 CSs altogether!). IIRC the area around the scar doesn't really stretch at all so no probs. Hope yours is the same!

Zerub Thu 06-May-04 21:56:38

Oh good!

Nutcracker Thu 06-May-04 22:00:37

Jan - I didn't know you'd had 4 sections.
Did you have any probs with the 4th one ??

nightowl Thu 06-May-04 23:45:58

didnt hurt or anything at all...forgot it was there really.

fairyprincess Fri 07-May-04 00:04:02

Same as nightowl - no probs at all. In fact didn't think about it at all.

mieow Fri 07-May-04 00:10:14

Mine itched and when I was about 30 weeks, DD2 was breech and she bruised me quite badly when she kicked..

Jimjams Fri 07-May-04 09:58:46

Mine stung occasionally with ds2. It has been stinging a bit on and off this time. May be because my bladder and uterus are glued together though. I don't think the scar causes problems as such but adhesions might.

Janh Fri 07-May-04 10:09:24

Jimjams, I *thought* it was you that had the adhesions - you mentioned it on one of zipper's multi-CS threads and said maybe you'd have to adopt next time? Hope you don't have any problems with this one.

Hi, nutty - yes, I had 4, and I was 41 during the fourth pg - was fine. You still hankering?

Nutcracker Fri 07-May-04 10:13:41

Yes i am Jan. I really shouldn't i know but doesn't stop me wanting too.
Hope you don't mind me being sooo nosey (if you do, say so)but was your 4th planned ?? I keep thinking that i will get shouted at by doctors and relatives if i choose to have any more.

Jimjams Fri 07-May-04 10:21:03

just terrified janh. I doubt adoption was ever realisitc. I suspect ds1 would have put paid to that iyswim.

Nutcracker- was there any reason for you not to have a 4th. or just your obs opinion? They seem to vary on this - I thought most were happy(ish) with 4. I did come across a woman recently who had 2 sections, a vaginal, another section and then a homebirth!

Janh Fri 07-May-04 10:36:01

jimjams, that final homebirth sounds unbelievable! How on earth did she get them to let her do that?

Nutty, when I was having the third it was suggested that it should be the last and I could have been sterilised at that point, but when I said I'd rather not (keeping my options open!) there was no objection from anybody. The 4th was planned and the doctors were fine about it, the first 3 had been quite straightforward. (I was sterilised that time though.)

It sounds as if your family will say something? Families always seem to think they can say what they like! But it's none of their business and I can't see the doctors having a problem with it (unless there were any complications with any of yours?) You're a lot younger than I was too! Just quote zipper and me at them if they say anything.

(Sorry for hijack, zerub )

Nutcracker Sat 08-May-04 15:22:27

Jimjams & Jan - When i was pregnant with Ds my community midwife tried to make me have a sterilization and so did the hospital. I don't really think it was because of me having any more sections though but more to do with me having anti C antibodies. Ds was not affected by the antibodies at all whilst i was carrying him, but afterwards he was jaundiced for quite a few weeks and then narrowly escaped a blood transfusion because of anemia.
If I hadn't got the antibody problem then i don't think i'd think twice about having another, because my sections always went very well and i recovered quickly each time.
I am not sure though what the situation would be regarding the antibodies. They said that my level would start off at where it was whern ds was delivwered and if the baby managed to get to 24 weeks and was badly affected then i'd have to have transfusions into the womb.
Only thing is, that i do feel that they always give me the worst case scenario, as they told me all sorts of horrible things when i had ds, and none of them happened.
I think too that it depends on which blood group the baby is as to wether it would be affected at all.
I'm nopt sure, i find it all very confusing.
If i asked my g.p to send me back to the hospital to have the situation explained then i know she would tell me not to do it.
As for my family, well they wern't that happy when i got pregnant with Ds, so i'm pretty sure what their reaction would be.

(sorry for hyjacking Zerub)

aloha Sat 08-May-04 15:58:19

Well I had a scar from ovarian surgery about five years before I got pg and didn't feel it all during my pregnancy. They cut through that scar again to do the cs - I was glad to get the value out of it

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