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Successful VBAC???

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Chocoholic26 Tue 14-Jul-15 23:26:52

Just that really, has anyone had a successful
VBAC and if so how was your labour different to that of your section? I got to 8cm dilated and then failed to progress, laboured for over 24hours and eventually had a section. Baby was fine though and was more a case of me not being able to cope with labour anymore rather than a section being absolutely necessary. Just felt that baby just wasn't going to come any lower. Wondering if this has happened to anyone else and then went on to have a successful natural birth? I ended up having a failed epidural and then a failed spinal and had to have a general, so wasn't even awake for birth of ds. Trying to decide if I should elect a section with the hope of actually being a awake at the birth or try again to have a natural birth but then run the risk of having another traumatic time xx

Chocoholic26 Wed 15-Jul-15 09:24:09


ChicaMomma Wed 15-Jul-15 12:53:20

Statistically, 60% of VBACs are a success. So slightly more than half.

At the end of the day, an elective section will be very similar to an 'emergency section' in the event of a failed VBAC in terms of outcome- so in your position i'd give the VBAC a go. The main downside would be not having a 'date' like you'd have for an elective section- but it's a chance i'd take. There are also things you can do to up your chances of being in the 60%- such as hypnobirthing, etc. There are some great VBAC support groups on FB that you should join.

Best of luck!

Chocoholic26 Thu 16-Jul-15 23:45:46

Thanks chicamomma, my biggest concern is not being awake for the birth. I'm guessing an elective will be calmer and less of an 'emergency' and thus would hope I wouldn't need a general like I did last time x

GraceGrape Fri 17-Jul-15 00:00:24

I had a VBAC with DD2. DD1 was an EMCS but due to the late realisation of her being in a difficult position. I had laboured fully to 10cm. During my 2nd pregnancy I had to meet twice with a specialist "VBAC" midwife. Have you had this option? I was told that the hospital wouldn't even entertain the idea of giving me an elective as I had laboured successfully before. I would have thought that if you had failure to progress and an EMCS under GA they would be more prepared to consider it in your situation. However, if you made it to 8cm that's pretty good and you would probably be able to go for a VBAC if you wanted to try. The best thing to do is discuss with the midwives. Some hospitals are very pro-VBAC, others are more likely to offer you the choice.

TreadSoftlyOnMyDreams Fri 17-Jul-15 10:12:01

Had a v similar labour to yours other than my epidural was fine so I was awake for my eventual EMCS for FTP at 6-7cms after 48 hrs.
Debated at length whether to go for ELCS or VBAC. I had an underlying feeling of "not having done it properly". When I met with a senior midwife to review my previous birth notes, I discovered for the first time that DC1 had been back to back, and there were notes in my charts from various medical professionals about having difficulty doing internals [inference being a narrow pelvis]
I opted for an ELCS in the end at 39 weeks - it was the devil I knew so to speak and I was worried about an unsuccessful labour resulting in another EMCS, exhausted me and generally poor start in life for my baby. It was very hard to establish bf with DC1 after my EMCS and every drug going over 2 days.

DC2 had other ideas and arrived by VBAC at 37+1. Labour was much faster. My waters broke at 9.30am and I was fully dilated by around 8pm but went from 0 to 7 in the space of an hour mid afternoon. I was waiting for an ELCS but there were emergencies ahead of me and by the time theatre was free I was told I was nearly there and asked if I wanted to continue, so I did.

Successful VBAC insofar as DC2 arrived safely albeit we were a bit beaten up post forceps. I can honestly say I recovered faster from my EMCS and in hindsight I wish I had had my ELCS.

You are likely to be encouraged to have a VBAC without any issues unless there are concerns about you or the baby. If your baby is large, very overdue [i was told that pessary induction is not recommended for vbac as it is more difficult to control how quickly the contractions ramp up] or your labour isn't progressing well then you are more likely to be given another EMCS.

It is useful to do your research and establish your own ground rules [for discussion] as to what you consider to be successful conditions for vbac and whether or not you want to be induced [likely epidural] for example or go straight to ELCS instead.

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