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Feeling like I should be doing more..

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sjd114 Tue 14-Jul-15 21:11:48


First pregnancy, and I found out from my gp I'm roughly 5 and a half weeks gone. But I'm just anxious, I just feel like I'm lying wrong in bed, I feel that every move I make is harming the sprout (we named it sprout)even to the point where I'm worried (sorry to be gross!!!) But to poop.. like incase I (again sorry for being gross!) Push too hard etc!! but I just have so many worries.. I'm overweight, I'm scared that will cause problems, and I just feel that I should be doing something more!? I just want it to be 12 weeks already so I can at least see/hear that everything is okay?!

Worried first timer!!

Appleblossom82 Tue 14-Jul-15 21:16:05

You cant lie wring in bed at this stage and you wont push the baby out by pooping too hard, i promise ;-)

My bmi was 31 at booking in and so far so good.

Please buy a pregnancy book like i recommended on your previous thread. I really think it will help you.

sjd114 Tue 14-Jul-15 21:19:30

I'm just such a worrier!! I've ordered the pregnancy bible, should be here soon!! X

Appleblossom82 Tue 14-Jul-15 21:23:09

Ah good. Its a great book. I look at it every week to see whats new with baby and what i can expect with my body smile

sjd114 Tue 14-Jul-15 21:26:42

Ah, sounds good! How far are you? I'm just really eager to meet my midwife & get the ball rolling a bit more!!! Doesn't seem real at the moment! Nothing I want more than to buy things, but really really can't yet! X

gingerbreadmam Tue 14-Jul-15 21:34:33

sjd i was like you when i fell and worried about my weight as i had a bmi of 35 at booking in.

im 26 weeks now and pregnancy so far has been a breeze. no problems at all apart from acheing legs in bed which a pregnancy pillow has solved.

i have to say the mw commented at booking in overweight people tend to.put on less weight. i was really frightened of getting even heavier. so far i have out on 7lbs which the mw commented was very good so its not all bad. i was scared of putting on like 4 stone. fine when ur slim already but im too big to take more weight.

Appleblossom82 Tue 14-Jul-15 21:36:52

24 weeks today :-)

Its only from 16 weeks that you need to worry about how you lie, ie not on your back (though i still do, albeit propped up).

I bought my first pack of baby grows at 6 weeks! We now have clothes sorted up to 9 months (got lovely summer stuff for next year in the sales) and basically got everything bar the mattress and moses basket! Hyper organised.

You can start making a list of the things you will need, working out a budget, researching different options etc. That will help pass the time!

Im a natural worrier too but there is very little you can do beyond the obvious things smile

sjd114 Tue 14-Jul-15 21:44:40

Ah thank you gingerbreadmam .. I've just heard so many things, which worried me.. but hopefully I have a nice midwife that will help me as much as possible & not put me down about my weight! sad

Appleblossom82 - ah congrats! I think I'll struggle with not laying on my back - always sleep like that! A pregnancy pillow may be purchased!! Ah, so organised! Go you!!! I'd love to be, but I guess worries just get in the way, mine & my partners birthdays are in November & we've told family that all we want is baby things, nappies, wipes etc. But if all goes well after my first scan I'm going out to buy some little bits! X

LowlLowl Tue 14-Jul-15 21:45:14

I was the same with my first (BMI 32) - I can totally relate to the poo worry too! By 12 weeks I'd convinced myself I wasn't actually pregnant, and it was quite a shock to see DS wiggling round on the scan. I reckon you're feeling the way most people do. Don't panic! Take your folic acid, read the books, rest, eat healthily (if you're not throwing up) and try not to worry. They're tough little buggers usually, and will hang on in there if it's meant to be!

sjd114 Tue 14-Jul-15 21:48:16

Haha! The poop thing really bothered me! Lol!! I'm resting & reading.. as for eating healthily, it may sound so silly, but vegetables are making me so so sick. . So I'm just trying to load myself with fruit.. (that's making me feel a bit sicky too) I'm thinking of getting some of that is it v8 100% fruit and vegetable juice.. just to try get the vits into me!! X

Appleblossom82 Wed 15-Jul-15 06:54:08

I only wanted bland carbs in the first tri. Lots of ham sandwiches and cheesy pasta...and i didnt even have morning sickness! As long as you are getting some fruit and veg in as well i wouldnt worry too much. I snack on carrot sticks, celery, mange tout and peppers. Really good for you and quick to do and easy to take to work.

gingerbreadmam Wed 15-Jul-15 10:32:28

oh depending on your bmi you may need the higher dose folic acid which your midwife will prescribe i know i did although at my last midwife appointment 2 weeks ago she said there may be new guidance coming out anout folic acid very soon.

i wouldnt worry too much about your weight altho my cheeky consultant keeps telling me the 4d scan function doesnt work because of 'all the fat' ha!

scarednoob Wed 15-Jul-15 10:34:16

I worried about the sleeping thing too, as I kept waking up on my back. at 28 weeks it has gotten so uncomfortable with the weight of my uterus pressing down on everything that it doesn't happen any more! your body does know what it's doing, even if we don't know that it does.

newbian Wed 15-Jul-15 10:36:17

To echo scarednoob I was lying on my back a few days ago (23 weeks) and the baby started punching and kicking with a vengeance. As soon as I turned to the side she stopped. So your body or your baby will let you know what positions are best!

EmberElftree Wed 15-Jul-15 12:04:12

28 weeks here and have put on 3 kilos (6.6 pounds), didn't gain anything until 16 weeks - BMI of 32 before pregnancy. I had horrible all day nausea, first few weeks I had a cheese croissant every day which was amazing, lived off carbs and cheese! I get daily updates to my email and my DH likes hearing what's happening in there too. I also bought a snoogle which is brilliant, great to roll into a donut and sit up against for reading in bed, on the sofa etc. Doc told me to walk for 30 mins a day and I go swimming too.

EdgarAllenPoe Wed 15-Jul-15 12:35:01

sjd the midwife won't 'put you down' about your weight. She might advise you on healthy diet or not eating for two to minimise excess weight gain, but she should never make you feel bad - that's certainly not her job. They ask you all sorts of questions about your past during bookin in, such as drug use etc, but they aren't there to judge, it's just so they can give you the best care.

My BMI was 29 on booking in. I outright told her I knew it was still overweight and that I also knew about healthy eating as I'd lost weight in the previous six months (BMI was 32 before) and she left it at that. Of course if you want advice on healthy eating, she should be willing to oblige.

Don't worry about pooping. Just be grateful you still can! ;)

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