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Pregnancy and Diabetes: Volunteers needed for National Diabetes Audit

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stefandiabetesuk Tue 14-Jul-15 16:53:29

Hi everyone

My name’s Stefan and I work within the Diabetes Voices team with Diabetes UK. We are currently recruiting for volunteers to join in the National Diabetes Audit and thought someone on this forum might be interested.

The National Diabetes Audit (NDA) is a comprehensive clinical assessment of diabetes care experience in England and Wales focused on how care diabetes care services can be improved.

Specifically, we are looking for new members of the Pregnancy Audit Patient Advisory Group and the Inpatient Audit Patient Advisory Group. We are particularly keen to get people for the pregnancy group at the moment so any interest would be much appreciated.

You don’t need to be an expert on diabetes care or the NHS to take part, it is really just about using your experience to improve the audit and learning from the experiences of others.

If you are interested in Pregnancy Audit Patient Advisory Group role, all we need to know is that a: you have diabetes and b: you have been pregnant in the past five years. We wouldn't though be able to consider anyone who just had gestational diabetes.

As you might expect, the criteria for the Inpatient Audit Patient Advisory Group is similar: again the only requirements are that you have diabetes and have recent experience of spending time in hospital (needn’t be related to diabetes).

Basically the role involves using your experience of diabetes care to understand what the audit should focus on and how it should operate in relation to people with diabetes during pregnancy.

Working with a wider team of healthcare professionals, Diabetes UK representatives and other experts, you would analyse how the audit can effectively identify the most important issues you experienced during pregnancy as a person with diabetes.

You would also be part of a wider Patient Representative Group which combines the insight and experience of people with diabetes in a variety of clinical settings.

Although a voluntary role, expenses for travel, food, accommodation costs etc will be provided when required.

If you are interested drop me an email, give me a ring or reply below. I’ll be checking in on the forum pretty regularly so feel free to ask about anything else as well.

Many thanks,

Stefan Donnelly
Diabetes Voices Officer

T +44 (0)20 7424 1025 | F +44 (0)20 7424 1001
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