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TTC #2 strong cramping earlier than expected

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LittleAindy Tue 14-Jul-15 16:08:54

Hi, brand new to MN, so bear with me if I'm in the wrong area or using the wrong jargon, lol! Both this and last time before ttc it took over a year for my first period to return after stopping contraception. With #1 I had a 5 week cycle, this time it's still all over the place (sometimes up to 2 months!) Anyway AF is due on Sat, if I go off my 5 week cycle from last time (4.5 years ago). Last period 13th June. Estimated OD 2-5th July based on bodily symptoms rather than any tests!

With #1 the only two very early symptoms I recall are sore boobs and highly emotional (pre testing for BFP). This time I have had 'cramps' for 4 days now and no AF. Very tender and full boobs. Very tearful yesterday and getting more tired and lethargic each day.

From what I've read, implantation cramps seem to be light, short-lived and only on one side. The cramps I've been having are strong, dragging, all over my lower ab and tops of thighs. They seem too strong to fit the description and v. similar to AF, but been going on for 4 days and no blood. Has anyone else experienced this type of cramping then got a BFP?

I don't want to rush and test early. I did that last month and wasted 3 tests (one £9!) and was mega upset when AF showed up late!

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