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Consultant app for anxiety and depression

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jmac88 Tue 14-Jul-15 15:07:55

Hi all,

Just wondering if anybody is in a similar position to me?

At my booking in appointment mw asked about my mental health. I was very honest and explained I am receiving cbt for mild anxiety and depression.

Mw has referred me to consultant obstetrician for an appointment to talk about it tomorrow and also said I "must" see my GP to discuss how it will affect my pregnancy.

I didn't see my GP because they are rubbish and I self referred for the cbt anyway so they aren't involved in my care.

I just wondered if anyone has any idea what consultant will speak with me about tomorrow....?

I feel nervous that they will make a big deal out of this when actually I am able to manage it easily and don't feel there is any difference since being pregnant.

Any ideas?

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