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Can morning sickness come back?

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jugglingmonkey Tue 14-Jul-15 08:25:35


I'm 16 weeks pg, my morning sickness disappeared about 3-4 weeks ago, but had been quite bad until that point. No actual sickness but a lot of nausea.

Last night I felt a similar sensation taking hold, and it's still with me this morning.

Has anyone had a similar experience? I feel rotten!

sizethree Tue 14-Jul-15 08:28:09

Hell yes.
It has with me sadly. I got it until around 14 weeks then began to feel pretty amazing, then last week at 23 weeks, boom, back with avengance.
But I think this time it's dugestion related rather than hormone related. So I've adjusted my diet a bit and feel a lot better. Tons of fibre and fresh fruit have helped massively. I am always stuck down by it more from 5pm onwards though.

charleybelle Tue 14-Jul-15 09:24:08

I've definitely got it back confused had really bad nausea up but no vomiting up until about 8-9 weeks, felt very smug when it went away and now sadly it has reared its ugly head again at 18 weeks and I've spent the past two mornings with my head in the loo. hmm

Skiptonlass Tue 14-Jul-15 10:22:24

Yes sad

I had very severe sickness 3.5-16 then it got quite a bit better . It didn't go, but it was more bearable. It's now back (26 weeks) and I feel crap.

Ahemily Tue 14-Jul-15 10:40:44

I'm afraid so sad Mine returned last week (I'm 17w), but seems to be worse later in the day now. The joys!

jugglingmonkey Tue 14-Jul-15 11:12:25

Oh no... I was hoping it might be a stomach bug, it does feel more digestion related. Feel extremely bloated... Thought I would pop last night!

Sorry to those who have it back again hmm

Ahemily Tue 14-Jul-15 11:27:38

Poor you sad

Buscopan is very good for bloating but I'm not sure if it's recommended if you're pregnant - maybe ask your pharmacist?

Hope you feel better soon thanks

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