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1 or 2 months pregnant?

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hippoesque Mon 13-Jul-15 20:49:06

I had a positive test at the beginning of June that ended the same week. I bled continuously for 6 days and then it just stopped. A test at the end of this came back negative. I took a test 28 days later (no idea on how fertility works after a failed pregnancy but decided to follow my usual cycle)
I got a clear positive this week, closely followed by nausea, sore boobs and being so tired. I assumed I'm 4/5 weeks pregnant, but these symptoms are very strong for it being so early and mirror my previous two pregnancies but further along.
Has anyone experienced something similar to this? My booking in app has been made early and they've already said I'll be scanned earlier than 12 weeks in case they miss the window.

UpUpAndAway123 Mon 13-Jul-15 21:14:35

Could you book a private scan to check dates? I did in this situation as unsure of dates. Or I've heard symptoms can be worse with twins :-) x

hippoesque Mon 13-Jul-15 21:35:06

My scan will be sooner than 12 weeks going on my positive test this month so by the time I booked it if likely have my NHS scan date anyway.

cheeseandcrackers Mon 13-Jul-15 21:48:41

You should be able to get a private scan on the same day or at least the same week. It sounds more likely that you're 1 month pregnant if you had a negative test before but you probably can't be sure without a scan. Symptoms can vary completely between pregnancies so not unusual that they're stronger this time or earlier than in other pregnancies... and congratulations!

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