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Ante-natal depression - anyone else?

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stupidgirl45 Mon 13-Jul-15 17:46:40

Hi there,

Just wondered if anyone else out there was struggling with this also?

I had this last time with DS so know about help/support and am trying to just ride it out.

it doesn't help that I've had such bad nausea as well I've ended up being off work sick since wk7 - am 12+5 now and not due back for 2 weeks.

Anyway just wondered if anyone else on here was muddling through with this and maybe we could muddle through together?


sophiaslullaby Mon 13-Jul-15 18:02:29

Hey, im sorry to hear you're suffering with this. I've managed to keep myself up (partly to being so darn knackered it's all i can do to remember my name -which i forgot today!)

But wanted to just offer my support, i have had days when the tears won't stop and am beside myself. Walked out of work last week and called my mum in tears. It helped letting others know that i was 'delicate' and all who i told (im a quiet person and usually keep problems to myself) made a point of texting and looking out for me over the next few days.

So i know you say you know about getting help and support but have you told close friends/family this time around? Even if just to get that daily text/call from someone.

And then by all means come to MN every day to read and post -offering big hugs and you WILL be ok. flowers

LumpyCustard69 Mon 13-Jul-15 18:07:57

I have pre existing depression, and due to the circumstances surrounding my pregnancy, and having to come off anti depressants, I am suffering with ante natal depression.
Muddling through, with support of my GP, seeing a lady from an organisation called IPPS (can't remember what it stands for!)
My midwife is not supportive, and I've asked to change to a different one.
I've also asked to speak to people about having a c esction, or getting induced on or before my due date, so that I can go back on my tablets (not just anti depressants but anti inflammotories and migraine preventative pills also).
Your nausea etc sounds awful sad I had very little of that. I've not slept well the whole way through though, so always overly tired (exhausted actually). I'm 33+6. I'm now on maternity, and very relieved to be!

I have to say, the main benefit from seeing a counsellor type person, is that it's a little bit less I dump on my partner (it's not his baby sad ). He is my rock, and my only emotional support, and I feel guilty always relying on him so heavily.

Are your work understanding? I really hope so. So many people/employers really struggle to understand any kind of mental health or pregnancy issues. Sad in this day and age.

stupidgirl45 Mon 13-Jul-15 18:15:52

Thank you both, I'm sorry to hear you've both had issues but glad to know I'm not alone, if that makes any sense at all!

sophiaslullaby thanks, yes good friends do know, I've been more open about it since being signed off so people messaging and inviting me over which is lovely. I just find it so hard to be like "yes I seem fine but I am unbelievelably panicky most of the sodding time" The best part of the day is bedtime! 've been very teary but mostly over irrational things that is very hormone related and weirdly that makes me feel bettter as it reminds me I'm pregnant and to go easy on myself.

LumpyCustard69 I am sorry to hear you've had to come off meds but very glad there is decent support for you. No such luck here but hoping to get a referral for counselling (seeing a private one tomorrow) I hope baby doesn't keep you waiting too long. If it helps, my son was 2 weeks early smile I did feel better almost straight away although the anxiety lingered due to a stay in SCBU for DS.

I just feel lonely and sad, even with all my lovely friends. We have a lot going on outside this pregnancy so my OH is very tired and stressed.

I am feeling better than a few weeks ago so hoping to keep plodding along and the days and weeks go past. I just want to get to 20 weeks as once that scan is done I will feel better.

Thanks for replying smile


Flambola Mon 13-Jul-15 18:55:08

I am, at the moment. Currently taking Citalopram but I don't think it's helping anymore. I have a perinatal midwife and have been referred to the Community Mental Health Team so receiving good support.

The thing is, due to my current circumstances, it's just a huge mixture of anxiety, grief, hormones, depression. Just a big old mess!

What's going on outside your pregnancy? And do you have a date for your 20 week scan yet?

CalypsoLilt Mon 13-Jul-15 20:17:52

Yeh I'm suffering too and I'm 9+1. Had my citalopram halved to 10mg at 4 weeks, was ok up until recently but over the weekend had epic arguments with OH and everything just crashed. I was even contemplating termination. What a mess. But I had a proper sleep and I feel better today.

I'm having consultant led care but haven't heard a jot since my booking in appointment 2 weeks ago.

I'm focussing on doing the opposite of what my depression tells me.

Matilda30 Mon 13-Jul-15 22:01:08

Me too, depression and anxiety, oh and a bit of grief thrown in for good measure (my mum died suddenly last year). Have a mental health midwife who referred me for cbt but I'm yet to receive any actual treatment and am due to have the baby by CS in 9 weeks, so feeling a bit let down to be honest. There were promises of help but nothing materialised. Just trying to get through each day at the mo.

stupidgirl45 Tue 14-Jul-15 11:39:26

hi everyone,

sorry to disappear, bit of a rubbish evening and I'm not logged in to MN on my phone. Memo to self - sort that out!

Flambola I'm glad you're getting good support, sounds like you've got a lot going on. It's so hard at times isn't it, just muddling through. I almost cried on the bus this morning. My 20wk scan is 2nd Sept - how far along are you? Sorry to hear you're juggling grief also, that's sopainful sad Do you think they'll up your citalopram dose?

Outside of pregnancy we are having huge issues with a new build house we bought that has major structural issues to the extent we are unable to live in it. It is being fixed but it's taken a huge battle and we keep having stalemates despite surveyors etc being involved. It's been going on for months and is incredibly stressful and anxiety-inducing. I just want to go home sob All my maternity and baby stuff is in storage so I can't even get hold of that until i'm 25 weeks at the earliest (when we are due to go back)

CalypsoLit I contemplated that too, you're not alone. Sleep does help and resting - but so much easier said that done. I think anxiety makes the exhaustion ten times worse as well - I'm definitely finding that as my nausea etc is wearing off. I only got my consultant appt letter through a week or so ago - and I'll be 15wks then..... That's good advice, doing opposite of what depression tells you. I've been trying to keep that in mind

Matilda30 Fingers crossed someone gets in touch v soon - can you chase them? At least not long until baby is here smile I know what you mean about trying to get through the days - plod plod plod....

I had a counselling session this morning and cried all over her, I do feel a bit better though but still so sodding anxious! House is complete tip and need to do some paperwork but just so bleh.....

at least am 13wks tomorrow and it's also my birthday then.

Hope everyone is okay today


CalypsoLilt Wed 15-Jul-15 09:46:23

Relieved to know I'm not the only one who has contemplated termination. I feel like I horrible mother and I'm only 9+3.

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