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7 week scan, twins, measuring small and no heartbeats yet

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RoRo0312 Mon 13-Jul-15 14:51:26

Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone can offer any advice or share experiences.

I had a scan 2 weeks ago and they could see a yolk sac and no fetal pole (I think I was 5 weeks pregnant at this point). I was asked to come back in two weeks.

I paid for a private scan the following week and she could only see exactly the same. She said I looked about 5 weeks pregnant. I think I should have been 6 weeks.

Today I had my follow up scan, I think I am 7 weeks. Today they saw two yolk sacs and two fetal poles in the one sac but no heartbeats. The nurse told me not to get my hopes up as she thought they should be bigger than they are measuring and should have heartbeats by now. I have been asked to come for another scan next week.

I guess I'm just hoping they will have grown and I can see heartbeats but I'm really not hopeful at this point I think the baby / babies must have stopped growing. I am surprised though, that in one week two babies have grown considerably, since at the scan last week only one yolk sac could be seen and no fetal pole.

Does anyone have any similar experiences to share? I'm happy to hear positive / negative stories but am really confused at this point and shocked there are two babies in the same sac (which I have read can be a high risk pregnancy). Thanks for reading. Any support appreciated I'm a nervous wreck after a previous m/c.


MummyPiggy87 Mon 13-Jul-15 19:21:20

Sorry I can't offer any advice I just wanted to say good luck with everything I really hope your little ones are alright, maybe they are just too small to detect what with being twins?
There must be someone on here who has twins with some advice thanks

ByeByeButterfly Mon 13-Jul-15 19:26:54

No experience either but is there a possibility you're 6 weeks now instead of 7? I was told finding a heartbeat at 6 weeks would be pretty difficult so that could explain why in the last week the fetal pole has grown and yet no heartbeat?

If not I'm not too sure what to say. It's a terrible waiting game - I hope it's good news for you though.

FlyingGoose Mon 13-Jul-15 19:31:37

I had bleeding a five and half weeks and I scan that shower twins but that was an internal scan. They couldn't see on a normal scan. The fact they have grown is encouraging, really hope it works out.

RoRo0312 Mon 13-Jul-15 19:39:06

Thanks everyone, I am trying to stay positive as I don't want to give up hope just yet. I am encouraged by the fact they've grown in a week and also hoping my dates are wrong or with it being twins (I think sharing the same placenta etc) they are just growing more slowly maybe? Who knows. I know it's up to Mother Nature ultimately but would love to hear some more thoughts from any one with similar experiences. Thanks again for replying xx

RoRo0312 Mon 13-Jul-15 19:42:50

FlyingGoose did you see heartbeats at 5 1/2 weeks?

BadgerFace Mon 13-Jul-15 21:18:53

I was scanned (internally) at 5+6 and there was no heartbeat, just the sac and fetal pole. They found a heartbeat a week later at 6+6 and that was for a singleton pregnancy so I'm sure it could be a bit later to see a heartbeat for twins.

It's a terrifying wait but Good luck with your next scan!

RoRo0312 Tue 14-Jul-15 07:55:37

Yes that's what I'm hoping, maybe it's just going to take a little longer to see, perhaps if they are measuring a little on the small side it's more difficult to see the heartbeats. However I've also read that twin babies early on should develop at the same rate as singletons so who knows. Any one else with twin experiences?

GuybrushThreepwoodMP Tue 14-Jul-15 16:07:52

Were you scanned internally or externally?
Sorry you are having this worry. The difficulty with being scanned this early is it could go either way and there is a big error margin on the measurements. I was scanned at 7 weeks with my twins and there were two heartbeats. One measured slightly bigger, but still within a day or two. Twins don't grow slower at this stage as far as I'm aware. I was still warned that because it was so early, by the 12 week scan there may only be one babies- or none. If it's possible you are only 5-6 weeks then it's less likely that heartbeats would be detectable. Did you calculate gestation based on your last period it do you know when you ovulated?
Twins sharing a sac is indeed high risk- but plenty do absolutely fine. Cross that bridge when you come to it.
Hope everything works out.

RoRo0312 Tue 14-Jul-15 18:37:06

Thanks, yes I had an internal scan but she said the machine frequencies were wrong?! It was set to abdominal scan or something (which she was discussing with another nurse while the probe was still in place... Lovely). Anyway so she still could see the two babies but no hb's. So again I'm hoping that the machines frequency might not have picked up the hb. I am totally unsure of dates because I miscarried in May, then got pregnant again straight after, no period in between. I had a very faint positive test on the 14th June, so going by that I should be 8 weeks now assuming I was 4 weeks at the time of testing. But I'm thinking maybe I was three weeks at the time of the positive test and assuming I tested positive a week before my period would have been due. So still unsure but going with the assumption I'm 7 weeks. Not sure it can be any less can it? But you never know? Glad to hear the stories where you ladies have had successful pregnancies, I'm happy for you all smile I have a 20 month old son so I'm lucky I already have him to keep me going through all this x

GuybrushThreepwoodMP Tue 14-Jul-15 19:15:12

Keeping my fingers crossed for you

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