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sjd114 Mon 13-Jul-15 10:55:46

I'm scared. I'll be brutally honest with you, I'm petrified.. I did my clear blue test (1-2 weeks) so (3-4) weeks.. and my doctors surgery is terrible . They open at 8:30 & all the appointments are gone at 8:32.. & it's impossible to get an appointment . & i dont particularly want to tell the receptionist i know the gp will tell me to wait & come back when I'm further along, but as it's my first- I just can't help but worry.. worry I'm doing something wrong. Ahhh!! My brain is frazzled ! Any advice is so welcoming. - Sam x

AbbeyRoadCrossing Mon 13-Jul-15 11:03:03

At the first doctors appointment they just tell you go take folic acid and check blood pressure and ask which hospital you want to go to - nothing very exciting!
So you could register directly with the hospital. I did that this time on their website and never bothered with the gp. I knew which hospital I wanted though and they allowed online bookings, i don't think they all do.

TheTravellingLemon Mon 13-Jul-15 11:09:49

Congratulations sjd. No need to panic about appointments. Call and make a non emergency one if you can. At my surgery the emergency ones are released at 8.30 every morning, but you can book in advance.

I couldn't self refer as Abbey did, but you can in some areas.

You will have a booking in appointment with your midwife at around 8 weeks, so you have plenty of time. Also, as Abbey said, the GP is just a formality really, but it is helpful to know which hospital you would like to be under before your appointment.

No need for panic! Congratulations again flowers

Appleblossom82 Mon 13-Jul-15 11:11:48

You dont need to worry at all. There is nothing gp can do other than tell you:

* to eat well and rest
* to take folic acid and vit d (you can just take a mum to be supplement. I take sanatagen mum to be which is available in the supermarket)
* dont take any other supplements or medication other than ones approved by your doc
* painkiller wise you can have paracetamol if necessary but other things are not advised.
* follow guidelines on alcohol and food guidance (all available on nhs website).
* dont smoke or take illegal drugs
* restrict caffeine to 200ml per day. A can of coke is 40ml, cup of instant coffee is 100ml, mug of tea is 75ml.
* dont do any heavy lifting or straining

Truly you do not need to see your gp unless anything is wrong. Just tell the receptionist you are 4 weeks pregnant and they will most likely refer you straight to the midwives. Then you will be able to make a booking in appointment.

As long as you feel fine and no pain or bleeding then there is no reason to be worried or see your gp. I am 24 weeks with my first and have not seen my gp at all.

Maybe get a book? I can recommend 'the modern girls guide to pregnancy' and 'your new pregnancy bible'.

Appleblossom82 Mon 13-Jul-15 13:01:06

Just checked and that first book is actually called 'pregnancy for modern girls'

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