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Anyone diagnosed with obstetric cholestasis?

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alovelycuppatea Mon 13-Jul-15 10:55:37

Hello...36 weeks and have been itching like a mad woman for the last 2 weeks, especially my palms and the soles of my feet...only relief comes from scraping my bare feet on rough carpet! Awaiting blood test for suspected OC as have some other symptoms. Anyone been diagnosed with OC recently and any tips on 1. relieving the chronic itching and 2. what you were advised re early induction? I think the thinking has changed recently regarding early delivery. Should probably just wait until diagnoses is confirmed or otherwise but keen to hear from others who have gone through this recently so I can start thinking about options.

CalypsoLilt Mon 13-Jul-15 12:39:35

my niece had O.C from her 2nd trimester, she said the only the thing that helped with the itching was a warm/hot bath and menthol aqueous cream which she got on prescription. she had O.C for both her pregnancies and both times she was induced at 37/38 weeks. both babies totally healthy smile

Lolababy00 Mon 13-Jul-15 14:27:32

Hi I had oc and was induced at 38 weeks, only found out at 37+2 but had been itching since 34 weeks. I stupidly thought it was the heat. Hospital said with the oc and the growth of baby had stopped it would be best to induce ... I found induction ok but was told it's a little more intense x I am now 31 weeks pregnant and itching has started again so waiting for bloods to come back too .

LadesC Tue 14-Jul-15 07:49:40 35 weeks with 1st baby and got diagnosed with this a few days ago. Theyve booked me for induction at 37 weeks and in meantime ill get a couple of blood tests, a liver scan and i need to be really vigilant checking for movement.

Theyve prescribed me piriton and menthol aqueous cream but cant comment hiw effective they are as my head was such a muddle after being seen in hosp yest that i forgot to go to pharmacy!

Some hosps will prescribe a med called urso which breaks down bile in bloodstream but i havent had that as my bile acid levels are ok at mo although im awaiting 2nd lot of results.

LadesC Tue 14-Jul-15 07:57:47

Also...they recommended cool not cold showers as either temp extreme can exacerbate.

Re induction....think the jury is out on whether it definitely improves outcomes but they said there was evidence out there which was significant enough that it cant be ignored suggesting that it is the way to go. They also at my hosp suggest continous fetal monitoring after induction so dont know what ud already been planning but ive had to rethink my birth preferences a bit as had planned to be pretty active n try n avoid epidural etc!

Good luck, hope you get the itching under controlgrin

alovelycuppatea Tue 14-Jul-15 08:50:27

Thanks everyone...will find out on Thursday apparently as having blood test today but I have almost convinced myself that is what it is. Have cut my nails short to try and limit the scratching which is good in a way but somewhat less satisfying...I was grating cheese yesterday for lunch and started thinking that it might be a relief to use the grater on my feet! THATS how itchy it is! I didn't of course, but even the thought of it was mildly satisfying. I had a nice water birth planned - not sure I'd be allowed that if I end up getting induced. I guess I just have to wait it out. Thanks all for your feedback and commiserations on that itching.

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