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GDD questions

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CakeInMyFace Mon 13-Jul-15 10:19:21

Due to excessive thirst lately my midwife decided to refer me for a glucose test to check for GD. I don’t’ have any risk factors, although my first DD was born with low blood sugars that they had trouble stabilising and she was just under 9lbs. I’m just coming up to 31 weeks and the test is next week. I do have the odd bit of sugar most days, but certainly not excessive (ex. Half a kit kat in the afternoon or a biscuit or small ice cream); evening after dinner I might have a few bits of something as well – but no different to before I was pregnant. My BMI was around 22 when I got pregnant. I do eat A LOT of fruit as this has been a big craving of mine. And I now drink half a glass of orange juice topped up with water in the mornings which I never used to have before either.

I’m worrying about it all now thinking this is something I might have caused/brought upon myself. I was a size 8 pre pregnancy and I’m now in size 10 maternity, am fairly petite at around 5 foot 1 inches. Anyone else been in a similar position and been diagnosed?

Skiptonlass Mon 13-Jul-15 11:52:12

Definitely get the test. Sugar, at a certain level, is sugar. Orange juice, fruit, etc - all still sugar-rich. I'm loving fruit too, I could practically live off it!

You can be slim and eat well and have diabetes - its not just confined to those who are overweight with poor diets. There are numerous genetic factors that predispose as well. I have a member of my family who frankly has the best diet of us all - he's very slim, eats very well and Is Fit. He's also got type II diabetes. So do /did a lot of his side of the family.

It's not something you've brought upon yourself at all - it's just one of those things. You may not have it at all - dry mouth and thirst seem to be very common in pregnancy, but they do need to check.

Good luck with the test. Make sure you follow any instructions to be fasting before you have it to the letter. If you do turn out to have it it's normally manageable by diet.

CakeInMyFace Mon 13-Jul-15 13:06:30

Thanks Skipton. Very reassuring. Am really hoping I don't have it but thought it best to get checked out as my drinking habits seem a bit over the top, especially at night. Won't be fun not to eat for 10 hours, that'll be a big struggle for me!

quesadillas Mon 13-Jul-15 13:15:47

I don't think you can bring it on yourself. I've had it in two pregnancies, and am generally a healthy eating size 10, so I think I'm just unlucky. If you do have it, it's best to know so the effects can be minimised. Hope the test comes back negative.

AliceInHinterland Mon 13-Jul-15 13:18:17

Sugar cravings are more an effect of gestational diabetes than a cause in my opinion. Good luck.

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