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Bloody hell I think its turned!!

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Nottalotta Mon 13-Jul-15 07:54:46

Baby has been recorded as breech since 28wks. Currently 37 + 2 and I have a scan later to check presentation.

Thing is, I felt some 'different' movements in the night, and a bit of pain very low down. Bump looks lower and movements have changed. I think its turned!!

Great. Now I'm shitting myself as I have been so sure it wouldn't and feel totally unprepared for labour and giving birth, assuming that i would have a section due to breech.


UpNorth74 Mon 13-Jul-15 08:02:53

This is great news! Baby knows when they're ready smile
As for labour and birth - your body knows what to do, just relax and go with it smile

Nottalotta Mon 13-Jul-15 08:29:15

Thanks - I need to adjust my mindset, it doesn't feel like great news. I'm pretty terrified of the thought of labour and all the unknowns.

kittykatsforever Mon 13-Jul-15 09:14:09

That's great news if baby has I was so thrilled when my dd2 had as she was breach from around 18wks and had lots of scans with her bum firmly down but I had the hindsight of a great birth with dd1. Really you'd never want to pick a c section. It's major surgery and you know even if it goes well you will be in considerable discomfort after even if it goes well. Ofcourse people need them and it's great to have that available but from hearing from friends I have two who had csections after natural one because of breech and one because of grade 3 tears both said they'd never pick it again if there was any choice. Fx you have a great birth whatever babies done!

Sandsnake Mon 13-Jul-15 09:17:59

If you are convinced a c-section is for you then you should be able to request one whether your baby has turned or not. I can completely understand your mindset as mentally that is what you are prepared for. Whatever you decide, remember that it's your body so stand your ground - good luck!smile

NickyEds Mon 13-Jul-15 10:07:31

I've gad similar op. I was having weekly growth scans and she was breech every time until 36 weeks. I felt a massive movement and then really needed a wee and it turned out she'd turned. Between the growth and the breech presentation I was convinced I'd either have a planned section or be induced early. I'm 39+6 and feel two weeks over due. Only just starting to get my head around going into labour.

scarednoob Mon 13-Jul-15 12:08:46

yep, my sister-in-law had to have a C-section for their first, as he turned round the wrong way at the last minute. the next two were normal labour, and she said it was miles better - absolutely no comparison in terms of ease, recovery time etc. she couldn't even push the pram up the hill they lived on for the first 6 weeks after the section.

whatever you have, all the very best with it!

blowinahoolie Mon 13-Jul-15 12:20:12

My baby was also breech at the last appointment (31 weeks), I have another check up next week and hope that the baby has turned (will be almost 35 weeks by then).

blowinahoolie Mon 13-Jul-15 12:20:38

Good luck OP, hope the birth goes well whichever mode of delivery it is!

OhahIlostmybra Mon 13-Jul-15 15:36:30

My dd was breech and I had a section. Recovery was not bad at all. Obviously I don't have an easy delivery to compare it too. But I do have friends who have had both vaginal delivery and c section and certainly some found the section preferable. So a section isn't doom and gloom.

Nottalotta Mon 13-Jul-15 17:48:16

False alarm, scan showed head up by my right ribs, bum firmly wedged down and feet sticking out to my left side. C section is booked for 24th!! I realise it is major surgery, but hope that the recovery from it being planned should be better than an emergency section following hours of labour.

Luckily no hills where i live!!

OhahIlostmybra Mon 13-Jul-15 17:54:31

Honestly nottalotta, c sections can be fine. As you say, you won't be labouring first so you are going in refreshed. Mine was v calm. Best of luck!

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