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Ugh so peed off

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tinyme135 Mon 13-Jul-15 00:04:53

As the title says I'm pissed off. I can't sleep due to restless legs and a horrible cold. My OH is fast asleep next to me and it feels like he's teasing me 'I can sleep you cant'. I have a 9 hour shift tomorrow with a work experience kid too. My temper is going to be short.

jackandjilly Mon 13-Jul-15 00:16:32

I feel your pain. I've come down stairs to get away from my dh and his snoring. This lack of seep thing is driving me crazy. How far along are you op?

tinyme135 Mon 13-Jul-15 07:02:16

I'm 14 weeks. In total I've had 4 hours sleep and I've got a 9 hour shift at work. I've been coughing that much I have a horrible stretching pain over my bump.

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