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Feelings for ex

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Mrshall1986 Sun 12-Jul-15 22:05:41

Hi everyone, this is going to sound awful. I have found out I am pregnant with my partner after suffering a miscarriage a few months ago, our relationship has been very up and done and worse so recently, as we got together very soon after I split with my husband I feel maybe I didn't give myself time to get over that relationship. I have 2 children with my ex so obviously still see him the bad thing is I still have massive feelings towards him to the point when he has picked my children up I cry and if he rings me or messages I just can't answer the phone or reply to him as I get upset again. I can't bear to be around my current partner at the moment and just want my husband back :-( please please can someone help me I don't want another miscarriage because I'm working myself up too much

mrsatkinson Mon 13-Jul-15 00:05:32

i have no experience of anything like thia so cant imagine what you are going through. if your relationship with your current partner isnt brilliant then maybe that isnt the best environment for your children. maybe some time alone could help clear your head and help you understand your feelings towards both men more clearly? i know its easier said than done, but like i said i have no experience of this. hope everything works out ok, try not to stress about possible miscarriage it will only make you worry more smile

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