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Anyone familiar with induction policy for 40+ mums at Worthing hospital?

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parapluiepliant Sun 12-Jul-15 20:58:47

Hi I'm 33 weeks with 3rd baby and 41. Have had midwife led care so far, no complications as yet (apart from falling down stairs over a shoe on coxyxx but baby is fine thankfully).

Last two births - natural delivery (both late (8 days and 10 days late). Syntotoycin drip with baby 1 - turned him right way from back to back - no epidural/natural birth. Baby 2 spontaneous delivery also back to back but turned on her own through active birth positions.

Am worried about my propensity to be a late deliverer of babies and does anyone know if worthing hospital likes to induce 50 plus women at 40 weeks? Have done lots of research on N ICE guidelines etc and expectant management

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