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Pregnancy and a bulged disc.

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Elj2628 Sun 12-Jul-15 19:40:28

Does anybody else have a bulged disc or discs? My discs after doc said no to taking my tablets while pregnant are causing me agony!! and I'm only 12wks! He did offer me an alternative and to just ring up and let him know but I'm trying to be brave and hold it out a little longer lol. Has anyone else been pregnant with a bulged disc? Was your labour normal and special treatment or anything during labour because of the discs? Were you aloud a normal birth or did you have to have a c-section? I know the c-section involves the epidural which I imagine would make the discs worse. Any stories or advice would be greatly appreciated smile

mummyneedinganswers Sun 12-Jul-15 22:25:04

I have 3 slipped discs and scoliosis of spine. I'm in same boat as u only taking paracetamol now wen before I was on neuropathic pain relief. I'm 19 weeks pregnant and have been walking with crutches since 15 weeks as its now unbearable to walk. I was due to get surgery on my spine but then found out I was pregnant so have to wait until after the baby is born. My consultant has said I can't have an epidural due to the fact that my discs are all damaged where the epidural would be performed and that me giving birth naturally could damage the disc further and that they are thinking I will have to have a c section under general anesthetic due to the severity of damage which I'm gutted about . you need to speakto your consultant about it and ask all the eessential questions and make sure u get to see the anesthetist before your due xxx

EmberElftree Mon 13-Jul-15 10:39:05

I have a re-herniated disc l5/s1 which I had a microdiscectomy on 5 years ago. I had a horrendous time with it I had a massive compression on the nerves, numb feet and toes, left calf is still numb now. I couldn't walk while waiting for my operation, had to perch on a stool in the shower as I couldn't stand up long enough to wash myself or make a cup of tea. Since the op I was great no pain then I injured it in the gym last year and it was really bad for 2 months but I had a great physio and this time it wasn't compressing the nerve too badly. MRI showed the disc had reherniated so throat mento left have come out and the disc is totally dehydrated. My surgeon said only permanent cure is more surgery screwing in a cage to restore the disc height. Would rather avoid more surgery if not completely necessary as in the last time the pain was so excruciating and not being able to walk surgery was the only option.
Since I've been pregnant it has been great no pain, walking fine my back gets tired and a bit sore I guess like anyone's would if I've walked or done too much but otherwise brilliant. I'm praying it will continue thus for the remainder (less than 12 weeks) of my pregnancy and the birth. Hoping to have a natural birth but will have to deal with it if and when it arises. My doc said I should be able to have a natural birth but I will see the anaesthetist to discuss my options a bit nearer the time. I've read that many women have had problems with that disc level and had an epidural with no problems but I guess everyone has a different scenario. Best of luck to you and to you mummy back problems are horrendous.

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