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Elective c-section.....likely?

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LumpyCustard69 Sun 12-Jul-15 19:29:33

I'm speaking to my GP tomorrow, in the hope he will agree with my request (midwife appointment isn't for another week).
I'm 33+5.
I am not too posh to push, nor am I afraid of labour. I have no physical medical condition that would suggest a section would be best option. (Although I am waiting to find out if I have GD or not, and my previous baby weighed 11lb at birth). I have a growth scan at 36+3, for the consultant to decide whether to opt for a c section or not. (I can't wait that long just to be told no).
However, before I fell pregnant I was on Fluoxetine, and daily tablets to prevent migraines. Due to the circumstances surrounding how I fell pregnant (a fling while on a break from long term relationship), I am suffering with my depression more than ever. Feelings of guilt, fear, anxiety etc are overwhelming. I am seeing a sort of counsellor that deals specifically with ante natal depression, but although a little helpful, it really isn't enough. I can't go another 6/7/8 weeks without my medicaton sad When I get a migraine it is unbearable, obviously I can't take any kind of painkillers that even touch it sad

How likely is it that I can get the GP, midwife, and consultant to agree to one?


Molotov Sun 12-Jul-15 19:41:30

Under the 2011 NICE guidelines, maternal mental health is a reason in itself to request and be offered a CS. Not all hospitals follow it, but if they do, even if your consultant refuses, s/he must refer you to a consultant who will agree.

It is important to realise however, that a CS carries it's own risks (as well as benefits, of course). The ones that I think are most pertinent are concerning your plans for future pregnancies: are you planning to expand your family after this baby?

Of course, the benefits are that it is a relatively safe mode of delivery, where if it goes according to plan (as it should with a first ELCS with no outstanding medical risks), then it has predictable odds.

If you want an ELCS, take someone with you to act as your advocate, as IME, the consultants try to scare you out of it by pitching the worst-case CS odds (which are skewed as it is data mixed with EMCS cases) (i.e. death, hysterectomy) with the best-case VB (sneeze births).

Maternal mental health is still grossly overlooked, IMVHO. I hope that you get the birth that you want. Best wishes to you.

LumpyCustard69 Sun 12-Jul-15 19:49:36

Thank you.
I am 33 years old, and already have a 5year old dd. I don't plan on anymore children after this one, life as a single parent is hard!!! Obviously, I can't predict the future, but it would take winning the lottery, a partner that was willing to take me on warts and all, and a better state of mental health before I would consider anymore children.

PurpleRose864 Sun 12-Jul-15 20:06:55

You are definitely within your rights to ask. One of the first things I worried about when I discovered I was pregnant was the delivery. After 2 traumatic deliveries both ending in an emergency (one venous one forceps in theatre) I wasn't to keen on trying to deliver a baby naturally again. I honestly believe my body just can't do it (its very disappointing tbh) I spoke with my consultant at an appointment at 24 weeks and told him my thoughts and reasons as to why I want an elcs. I felt like I was a little girl in the head teachers office lol he was very nice and said it was an option and to think more about it. At my 28 weeks appointment he agreed straight away and he didn't question me to much, (but was mainly interested in whether or not I would want any more children before he agreed) and seem to agree with my reasons. I will get the date for the section at my 36 week appointment. I know I have been extremely lucky to get an understanding consultant and I honestly thought I would be turned down. I know a c section won't be a walk in the park and I am kind of dreading it but I know it's a better option for me. What you want does count!! I hope you get what you want. Good luck

LumpyCustard69 Sun 12-Jul-15 20:46:41

I'm glad you got an understanding consultant [happy]

I've not seen mine yet,it was one of her underlings I saw at 21 weeks. I didn't mention the c section back then, as I was very much hoping my mind would settle somewhat.
I know that the recovery from a c section will be hard, especially as someone who struggles to slow down physically, but I have so much more physical support around me than emotional support.
My partner is fantastic, but doesn't live with me, and I just feel more and more guilty the more of his help that I ask for. He is the only real emotional support I have. My family are around, but we are not emotionally close, so practical help I have in abundance. Lots of friends, but none that are particularly emotionally in touch, and my closest friends have massive personal issues of their own going on this year.
My dd was induced, and very overdue. I really can't go another possible 8 weeks without my tablets sad I struggle to see an end to the guilt and anxieties.

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