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Best places for maternity bits?

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Marzipanspice Sun 12-Jul-15 10:16:56

I've had a look on eBay because of some suggestions I've seen from other people from my google searching, but all I could find was some raggedy old vest tops.
I've ordered a really nice maternity top from Mothercare, however I hear the jeans there aren't that great at all.

I'm young so love a nice pair of denim skinnys, so when it comes to those I'm willing to splash a bit of cash if I have to. Next also seem to be quite shitty for maternity, with only a select few bits. Their mumalicious skinnys seem really nice though, and really reasonable at £35.

Any advice? Oh, and what exactly are bump bands de? I'm a size 8/10 so shall I still be needing them? Sorry if I sound quite.. Pretentious and naive. They probably having nothing to do with your size and I'm probably thinking nonsense lol.

P.S, I bloody hate Newlook and their trashy slogan tops.

Matilda30 Sun 12-Jul-15 10:25:11


Try topshop maybe for skinny jeans, although I've been trying to keep costs down so have been sticking to matalan and cheapo leggings. I've also just bought a lovely stretchy non maternity dress from Gap outlet. I can't justify spending lots on clothes I might not wear for long. Bump bands can bridge the gap between your top and trousers when bump gets bigger and also offer some bump support, as far as I'm aware. I've ordered one as I've started with back pain in the last trimester. You could also look at asos for mat wear.

spnfan Sun 12-Jul-15 10:26:39

If you're looking for cheap and cheerful, new look do some pretty good plain tops. I also am not a fan of the slogan tops.

Asos do a good maternity range as well.

I'm 6'1" so struggling to find 'tall' maternity wear but if you're average height then loads of shops do a maternity range, albeit on line. smile

Maya15 Sun 12-Jul-15 10:31:17

I found ASOS maternity good (they always have a really good sale selection) and H&M maternity (often items on sale too). Also I tried to buy tops with buttons or easy access so I can use them for breastfeeding afterwards.

I bought bump bands when my back hurt (when i was around 5months pregnant) but have not really used them afterwards. Don't buy them yet just wait and see if you really need them.

Marzipanspice Sun 12-Jul-15 10:35:46

Thank you to everyone that replied, will have to have a good mooch. I'm one of those that likes feeling and touchy stuff lol, so online shopping is quite frustrating for me but necessary since its maternity.

I also don't want to spend a fortune. I'm not due until late March so will I be needing wintery wear or summery bits? I'm a little confuse as its between seasons lol.

Maya15 Sun 12-Jul-15 10:41:54

To be honest I was surprised how little clothes I actually needed. I did not even buy that much but still too much :-) I also live a lot in maternity leggins.
Go for colours that you can easily combine and not for difficult patterns. (made that mistake with some nice Mothercare trousers).

Also look through your wardrobe for tops that might be slightly big now or that you can still wear in early stages of pregnancy. I am 38 weeks now and still have a few (non-maternity) tops and shirts that fit. I only started wearing mat clothes from about 5 months onwards.

Nousername2015 Sun 12-Jul-15 10:47:27

I also heard that the Topshop Leigh maternity jeans are really good.

coneywonder Sun 12-Jul-15 10:50:31

H and m

WorldsBiggestGrotbag Sun 12-Jul-15 10:52:41

Topshop for skinny jeans, Leigh or Baxter ones.

LongDayAlready Sun 12-Jul-15 11:00:15

Another vote for H&M and Asos. I'd
got rid of most of my maternity wear after DC3 and have been surprised at how cheaply I've been able to replenish. Most mat wear is online except H&M - also recommend Gap and I think they and Asos have a sale on at the moment. Mamalicious is my favourite brand stocked by asos, also offered by John Lewis. I wouldn't totally dismiss next though - I got a lovely pair of cropped jeans from them which I'm living in - their online reviews are really helpful for picking out the better stuff.

I'd second not buying too much and just as you need it - I didn't buy anything for hot weather until 3 weeks ago (am due Sep) which meant most of it was in the sale. I recommend getting one or two camis from H&M which are great for layering also have unclippable straps so will be useful if you breast feed. I bought a bump band when expecting DC1 and never used it but would suggest a pair of jersey trousers with a huge stretchy band for late pregnancy - I lived in mine in month 9 and they were very supportive. If you're after a winter coat, maybe keep an eye on ebay for second hand - Jojo stuff wears very well (I used stuff for 3 pregnancies and it was still in really good condition at the end).

Maya15 Sun 12-Jul-15 11:05:02

I have not bought them myself but my friend got some 7 for all Mankind maternity jeans on Ebay that she loved. They are really expensive but I think you can find good offers on Ebay.

Lovethebubbles Sun 12-Jul-15 11:07:34

I found the best maternity skinny jeans to be from h&m. And not too expensive either.

Brummiegirl15 Sun 12-Jul-15 12:02:44

I cannot bear the trashy slogan t shirts either!!!!

I'm 10+4 and I'm already uncomfortable trouser wise. As soon as everything is ok at 12 weeks I'll be on the hunt for some jeans, leggings and maybe a skirt.

But I'm only 5ft so I'm going to struggle!

Marzipanspice Sun 12-Jul-15 12:36:45

Thank you ladies!
Noursername2015, I thought Baxter jeans from topshop are just normal range, not maternity?

contractor6 Sun 12-Jul-15 12:38:04

I got mother are skinny jeans, loved them until too hot to wear in summer.

Marzipanspice Sun 12-Jul-15 12:38:10

Brummergirl15, they're just really silly to me lol. I find them very 'in your face'. It's like yes, well done, you've had a shag which resulted in a pregnancy, well done you.

Daffodil1210 Sun 12-Jul-15 12:42:39

Mamalicious do really good pregnancy jeans/jeggings. Quite pricey compared to other brands but a far better fit! I'm in mine 7 weeks post birth and as they have those adjustable waist band things I'm slowly reducing the size as my tummy shrinks down. The over the bump band also stays up unlike some others!

Marzipanspice Sun 12-Jul-15 12:46:47

Daffodil1210, what size are you if you don't mind me asking, and what size did you get in those jeans?
Next have some really lovely mumalicious skinny jeans for £35, but they come in sizes 28, 30, 32 etc.

pickwickcrocus Sun 12-Jul-15 12:52:18

H&m for skinny jeans - great colour, washed well,fitted amazingly, only about £20 a pair I think .I'm normally a 12/14 in trousers but had to buy a 16 in their maternity jeans though. I was quite sad not to be able to fit in them post baby! They only started to fit me well around 5 months so you don't get a long time in them but I literally wore them everyday (I was due in April so pregnant at a similar time to you).

As far as seasons are concerned, I expect you will need a decent maternity jacket (got mine off eBay, topshop one in fab condition for £20 also) and some stretchy layers, as well as jeans. If you don't mind shopping in primark they have great stretchy vests and long sleeve tops in stripes and bright colours which you can layer with a cardi over winter .

katie2bumps Sun 12-Jul-15 13:30:42

I bought nice dark denim skinny jeans from asda online -they have been great. FIt and wash well , over bump band is comfy and they were £18. Bargain.

WorldsBiggestGrotbag Sun 12-Jul-15 14:48:46

They do Baxter in maternity in Topshop, at least they did in my last pregnancy (I lived in them). I couldn't find them this time so had Leigh maternity skinnies instead.

irie Sun 12-Jul-15 18:02:25

Topshop maternity Leigh and Joni I've been living in them, got blue Jonis and black ripped and non ripped Leigh's

Marzipanspice Sun 12-Jul-15 18:27:11

Thank you for all the helpful info!

I must say, I've always steered clear of Topshop jeans, as I've heard so many complaints about poor quality an them falling apart. Not sure if this is true x

Embolio Mon 13-Jul-15 08:05:54

I'm not into the slogan tops either but New Look do have some good basic plain/striped tops. I liked H&M for maternity stuff last time I was pregnant, it tends to have stuff in store too.
Asos is good online. I also got some good things from mamas and papas but it's expensive when you consider you only wear it for a couple of months.

Embolio Mon 13-Jul-15 08:26:38

Heh, having posted the above I went and looked on the mamas and papas website and didn't like ANY of the current maternity range, sorry for the duff advice grin

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