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29 weeks and fed up

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Niffer88 Sat 11-Jul-15 21:44:24

I just need a moan. I'm 29 weeks with my first and fed up. Feel like I've been pregnant for ever! Stomach and ribs feel stretched to the max, bruised to touch and I still have 11 weeks (in theory) to go. I'm just so uncomfortable and I feel like Im just praying for time to pass. I'm excited to see my little one but I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place ....desperate to get her out and to stop feeling like this but terrified of giving birth so wanting to keep her in!

plonkie Sun 12-Jul-15 03:18:40

I feel your pain. I'm also 29 weeks. Can't effing sleep because I just can't get comfortable. So knackered. Achy everything! I am actually looking forward to the birth itself though believe it or not! I think no matter what happens it'll be an amazing experience. But yeah I feel really impatient as there seems so long to go!

Not2bObvious Sun 12-Jul-15 04:09:45

Just breathe, just keep on getting there. As a person (on no up one man ship I promise) who was on crutches from 18 to 41 weeks, it's hard work but you'll get there I promise, I hear you sweetie, it's tough but not un doable (let's face it, like there's a choice, no changies now) You're going to have a gorgeous baby at the endpoint, surely another 11 weeks you can have to get through. Promise you, been there, done that twice, it's soo Worth it

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