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Worrying after growth scan

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scarednoob Sat 11-Jul-15 19:38:23

I had a growth scan today (27+4) because I don't feel my little girl moving all that much. Whilst everything was signed off as normal, I am really worried about the abdominal circumference, which was 245mm or about 95th percentile. This is on target with the 20 week scan, so she is growing proportionately, but it still sounds huge. Everything else is around 50th centile or just slightly over, so the stomach does stick out.

Then she said the amnio fluid is also at the higher end of normal, ie 19.2cm.

She flagged that this could be GD and I have my GTT test on thu, but if it is that, I'll be so cross. At 37 and with a higher BMI of 32.5 at booking in, I've asked for GD tests on several occasions and always been told to wait until 28 weeks...

So now I am panicking about all the awful things that increased fluid and AC and little movement could mean - I was low risk for downs but am now having nightmares about chromosome disorders - and still have no answers about how on earth I am meant to monitor the movements of a baby I can barely feel most of the time!

It's giving me enormous anxiety and a sense that something is really wrong, instead of being able to love being pregnant.

I will talk to my mw next week but has anyone else ever had similar measurements??

SaggyAndLucy Mon 20-Jul-15 03:32:24

Yes. smile
My DD does have DS, but please don't panic, I'm in no way implying yours does, I only mention it to explain why I had regular growth scans. We were scanned every few weeks.
Every single scan gave different results. Scans at 2 different hospitals on consecutive days gave different results. We were told that she a small head, large abdomen, shortened femurs and humeruses and/or any mixture of the above.
These scans are not accurate.
I was told that her abdominal measurements were due to GD, which I was diagnosed with at 34 weeks and managed with diet.
when she was born she was just fine and didn't look anything like the grossly out of proportion spectacle we were made to expect.
Try not to worry too much, (I know, easier said than done) they tell us this stuff and get us all worked up and it's often just fine. And in the event it isn't, they are on the alert now.

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