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Gestational diabetes??

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LumpyCustard69 Sat 11-Jul-15 16:35:34

I went to the MAU last night due to lack of movement from baby (I'm 33+4 today). Baby is fine.
However, they picked up glucose in my urine, did a finger prick test, and it read 7.6.
I hadn't eaten since before 7.30pm, finger prick was done around 10pm, maybe a little later. I had drunk a small amount of Coke, maybe 6 mouthfuls between 8.30pm and 9.30pm.
They had me drink a jug of water, and then pee again, and still glucose showing. Another urine sample at around 11.15pm, and still some glucose.
They wanted me to wait to speak to the doctor, but I discharged myself as he was in A+E and was likely to be quite some time, and I can go and see my own GP Monday. (I left because I only had 3hours sleep Thursday night, suffer from migraines, and had been driving for 4+ hours prior to heading to MAU, and there was no immediate threat to baby or myself, and I can see my GP Monday).

Is 7.6 particularly high? I had a GTT at 28weeks and it came back fine confused
I am only concerned because the GTT didn't show anything, and I've not really changed my eating/drinking habits since.
Has anyone else been in this situation?

MrsAnxiety1 Sat 11-Jul-15 19:36:25

As the tests they did were not as accurate as a GTT, but are slightly more indicative (but by no means conclusive), they'll probably want you to repeat your GTT just in case it has developed. 7.6 itself isn't awful (7.8 seems to be the cut-off) but as you'd had a sweet drink with an unknown amount of sugar and not to a particular timeframe, your results won't be that accurate. Far better to get tested again, just in case, but it is apparently possible for kidneys to become 'leaky' as pregnancy progresses and show glucose without GD.

Do you have any significant risk factors for GD? Any other symptoms (thirst, hunger, sleepiness) etc? Definitely worth finding out, as your pregnancy would be handled differently. HTH flowers

mummyneedinganswers Sat 11-Jul-15 21:09:33

I have gestational diabetes don't know if its different in different areas hut in my area they are very strict with what the blood sugars sit during meals. Mine have to be between 3.5 and 5.5 before a meal and below 7 an hour after a meal. My partner has type 1 diabetes and between 4and 7.8 is fine for a diabetic but not in pregnancy they aren't very leniant with the blood sugars my consultant is very strict my blood sugars have been 6.8 before meals sometimes and they threatened me with insulin which I don't want as partner is on it and would be too much hassle. I would advise u ring a midwife and speak about possibly getting a repeat gtt as with GD your placenta can fail later in the pregnancy and is something you need to find out x

CorBlimeyTrousers Sat 11-Jul-15 21:27:01

I have GD in this pregnancy and in my first pregnancy too. In this pregnancy it was diagnosed by a GTT I had at 18 weeks and I have been diet controlled since then (now 33 weeks). My limits are 6.0 on waking and 7.8 one hour after meals.

In my first pregnancy I didn't have the risk factors so wasn't referred for a GTT automatically. A routine urine test at 32 weeks showed glucose, I was referred for a GTT and diagnosed with GD at 34 weeks. So similar timeframe to you.

From what I've read blood sugar levels have to be pretty high before there is glucose in your urine. I think if your insulin is working OK it should be able to cope even with a sugary drink or food. I'm not an expert though. I would see your GP Monday but you may need your midwife to refer you for another GTT.

If I wasn't diagnosed I wouldn't know I had diabetes (no extra thirst or anything you might associate with diabetes) and I didn't in my first pregnancy either. It's worth finding out. They will help you with diet (and medication if needed), give you extra scans and keep a closer eye on the baby when born.

Good luck.

Skiptonlass Sun 12-Jul-15 10:38:46

Anything to eat will affect your blood glucose. Cup of tea in the morning, a sip of coke, anything. I run clinical trials and the number of tests we have to redo because patients 'just had a mouthful of tea' is amazing ! Fasting glucose really does mean nothing but water. The coke you had between last meal and the test could well be the cause of the blood result.

However, spillover into urine does warrant further investigation. Make an appointment to get this looked into and don't wait too long to do it. Follow any instructions on fasting status to the letter.

LumpyCustard69 Sun 12-Jul-15 16:46:59

Thank you all for your replies.

I am calling the doc first thing tomorrow. The hospital want him to do a random glucose test (I'm not entirely sure what that involves), so I will make an appointment as soon as possible.

In answer to some questions from pp, yes, I have other risk factors.

My first and only baby was 11lb at birth.
My bmi is slightly higher than it should be.
A maternal aunt had type 1 diabetes.
I have always peed a lot more than most people!
I am always thirsty, partly I think, because I sweat a lot, and partly because of this weather.

I would have thought that because of the above risk factors, they might have kept a closer eye on things, but have to trust their judgement I suppose.

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