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When did you announce your pregnant

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Hairyjelly123 Sat 11-Jul-15 12:49:15

Just that really.i normally tell family and close friends at 8/9 week and just village people at about 11/12 if they don't alredy know

originalusernamefail Sat 11-Jul-15 12:52:33

HG announces it for me at about 4 weeks grin.

mummyneedinganswers Sat 11-Jul-15 13:57:04

4 weeks for me too , my manager announced it in front of everyone when I told him I wanted to keep it private and then I ended up in hospital anyway with a ruptured cyst so everyone knew lol

AbbeyRoadCrossing Sat 11-Jul-15 17:13:10

With my 1st I told work at about 8 weeks as I was sick. Everyone else (family and friends) at about 14 weeks (after scan and test results). Wider circle such as Facebook friends after 20 week scan.
This time with baby 2 I've told close family at about 18 weeks, other family and friends after 20 week scan as I had a problem identified with DS at that point (fine in the end) but was nervous. Having to tell work next week as 25 weeks is the legal cut off!

Luciferbox Sat 11-Jul-15 18:12:29

After my 12 week scan when it turned out I was actually 15+1.

BeautifulBatman Sat 11-Jul-15 18:23:00

Told parents at 5 weeks. Told rest of family at 14 weeks. Haven't really 'told' anyone else apart from a few close friends. And I don't need to 'tell' anyone else now. It's pretty obvious smile

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