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Anyone wanting a moan feel free!

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Sweetslover31 Sat 11-Jul-15 11:35:50

Urgh! I'm sorry ( not sorry) for having a big fat old moan but jeeeeeesh! I'm on month 14 of TTC and feel so down. Due on any day now, and had a positive opk about 14 days ago. Am trying to not track too much as in the first few months I went a bit cray cray over it all. So I just do the odd opk now and I track my periods on an app as I am irregular- it ranges from 30 to 48 days in a cycle - I think this could be down to stress as my jobs been fairly rough this year. Naively I expected it to
Happen straight away. Only a few family and friends know we are trying, and the " don't worry it happens within 6 months" helpful comments have now waned. I know it can take years, blah blah but come onnnnnnn!!! This month I feel so down and I know when I come on I will be quite upset. I've got no positive thoughts in me now- it's so rough each month hoping and hoping and to be quite frank, it's getting BORING! This is the wrong attitude I know all this but I just feel so blah. It's so hard nagging my other half each month too, we both have hard jobs, we go to bed at different times and have really busy lives so it's just so easy to go a week without even doing the deed unless I constantly remind and nag. We make the effort, but I just can't keep doing it every two to three days all month " just in case!". There's been so many pregnancy announcements at work and on Facebook, with friends and family and it's getting to the point I was adamant would never happen- bitterness ! Anyone in the same boat or have any amazing stories to fill me back up with some hope please! I should add my other half had his tests and all ok, and my hormones are all ok too. Next step the hospital for fertility stuff I'm guessing, I feel so down!!

Rosenwyn1985 Sat 11-Jul-15 12:34:02

My periods have always been horrifically irregular, anything from 5 to 8 weeks. When I came off the pill this time I had a 17 week gap and felt really ill (the longer the gap the worse I feel). But both times we've tried to get pregnant I haven't bothered with tracking. I haven't stressed. I made sure we had sex at least every few days or so, and when I started to notice discharge getting worse (a sure sign of ovulation for me and lots of women) I'd ramp it up to at least every other day for a week or so. Both times we got pregnant fairly fast (around 3 months first time, 4 months second). I'm convinced the reason this happened is because I don't stress and just enjoy it. Both times I figured if it didn't happen so be it. First time was (well if we never have kids more holidays for us). currently 34+2 with baby two and hoping all goes smoothly. If you're worried see a doctor but to be honest I would just try to relax. Not sure if this is going to help or wind you up! Best of luck though!

AmyLouKin Sat 11-Jul-15 19:04:37

I'm now pregnant after 4 years of trying. Although trying might be pushing it, as I never stressed about it and never tracked ovulation etc! I knew that if I focused on it that too much and worried it would spoil it for me (and make me hell to live with)! In the end it was being away at my sisters and then coming back to my OH that did it! My sister did say to me that there have been studies done which prove you are more likely to get pregnant after being away from your partner for a while! Seemed to work for her too, as she conceived after being away from her other half for two weeks. So maybe there is something in that theory! My friend conceived while on holiday, she was really chilled out for a change!
I thought I would never get pregnant and then, wow, I am! 14 months is not that long, keep trying but also don't stress. Like rosenwyn said, enjoy it!

DulcetMoans Sat 11-Jul-15 19:15:17

Two years, two miscarriages but currently two days overdue with DC1 as well. It is hard, you don't want to think about it all the time but it's the biggest thing going on in your life when you are in it and impossible to just push to the back of your mind.

I don't have any massive tips really. We did go down the route of fertility clinic and found that I was the problem - irregular cycles and ovulation, short LP etc. My MCs were quite close together but, weirdly, made my cycle much more standard. I think they messed with my cycle enough to allow me to get pregnant.

Do go see the doctors, make sure you've had all the tests you can and get the referral. It can take months.

Coping with it in between, just make sure you have things to look forward to. Don't put things of 'in case' you are pregnant - that will cause resentment and you will miss out on things. And talk: if you have RL people you can talk to then do. If not, come here and type it out. There's plenty of groups in the conception topic that can listen and support.

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