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Can't sleep

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Eternalsunshines Sat 11-Jul-15 00:57:48

Currently 33wks with dd4, dd3 not sleeping she's faffing.

I'm not sleeping, other 2 and H sleeping, snoring- loudly snoring just to clarify their sleepiness.

Even the dog is snoring. I'm so annoyed, agitated hot & bothered pissed off beyond belief.

Eternalsunshines Sat 11-Jul-15 00:58:40

I've got hay fever which is driving me up the wall and my feet are on fire and all fat and swollen. Just fuck it all hmmconfusedhmmconfused

ARV1981 Sat 11-Jul-15 02:58:30

I have heartburn which is making me feel sick. sad happens every night...

Nottalotta Sat 11-Jul-15 09:11:36

Snap. No sleep here last night, its getting worse. Fat sore feet, numb hands, generally not able to get comfy and its me who is snoring, so when I do drop off I wake myself with a huge snort. Oh and I havecstarted dribbling in my sleep too. Charming.

The heartbeat is awful and makes me feel sick and then i end up doing loads of burps!

Eternalsunshines Sat 11-Jul-15 09:19:08

Yes to the dribbling what's all that about? I've got a minimum of 7 weeks left and it feels like a long time after a night like that sad

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