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2 questions..

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MummyPiggy87 Fri 10-Jul-15 17:24:15

1st is do you need a cot AND crib or could the baby just go straight into a cot?
And also has anyone tried the waitrose brand nappies and are they any good?

Queazy Fri 10-Jul-15 17:31:49

They can go straight into a cot - it'll just feel very big. You can swaddle the lo tho.
Waitrose nappies are pretty good but I find pampers much better. Not sure what the price difference is - I always buy when offers are on! I hear good reports of Aldi's nappies but don't live near one.

Frillsandspills Fri 10-Jul-15 18:25:54

Babies can go straight into a cot although I've heard it's safer to put them in a crib first? Not sure how true that is but I'm going to have a cot and a Moses basket purely because a friend is so keen on buying me a Moses basket she's seen, but it seems sensible to just use a cot as babies can grow out of cribs and Moses baskets very quickly.

cookielove Fri 10-Jul-15 18:29:55

You can put them straight in a cot, but when they are little they should be in with the parents and if you don't have space for a cot in your room a Moses basket or bedside crib would be used!

Never used waitrose nappies only pampers with the occasional aldi!

phoenixrose314 Fri 10-Jul-15 18:30:39

Cot is fine for a baby, people suggest smaller things like Moses baskets and cribs because it helps the baby to feel enclosed, like they were in the womb - but my little monster always hated being restricted and preferred the cot as soon as he went into it at 2 months. Cots are only dangerous if they have duvets/pillows/bumpers. You can swaddle the baby if they prefer to feel snuggled.

Waitrose nappies are average. Aldi is by far the best nappy I've found, even if price were irrelevant I'd prefer them to Pampers.

cookielove Fri 10-Jul-15 18:32:42

We had a chicco next to me crib, DS grew out of it at 8 months!

jimijack Fri 10-Jul-15 18:34:43

Baby into cot, no need for Moses basket type things.

Aldi nappies are great, cheap as chips and very good.

BananaPie Fri 10-Jul-15 19:07:02

What are your plans for where baby will nap during the day? Some people like to have a Moses basket so baby can nap in the living room with them.

No idea about waitrose nappies. I recently tried lidl nappies as I thought they might be as good as aldi, but they were dreadful!

confusedandemployed Fri 10-Jul-15 19:10:23

When very little I found the Moses basket invaluable - I'd just pick it up and carry it round, she would sleep all over the shop in it. To minimise the transition from basket to cot we would put her to bed in the basket in the cot, so she was used to the bars. She transitioned completely seamlessly when she got tok big for the basket.
I also vote for Lidl or Aldi nappies. By far the best IM DD's bum's O.

NerrSnerr Fri 10-Jul-15 19:14:14

The baby can go in a cot but we found the Moses basket useful as it fitted near our bed, the baby slept in the pram carry cot when sleeping downstairs.

MummyPiggy87 Fri 10-Jul-15 21:20:06

Brilliant, thank you everyone that's really helped. I have got a Moses basket for during the day downstairs etc when newborn, just found it abit silly having that and a cot and a crib!
Confused I think I'll do the same, put the basket in the cot at night (next to me) I don't feel comfortable having the baby in bed with us as we both fidget a lot in the night especially dh.

Nappies.. The reason I asked is because I was in there earlier and their newborn pack of 24 (or around that amount) are only £2!! The other bigger sizes are £4 a pack. I thought that was cheap for waitrose imo!

MummyPiggy87 Fri 10-Jul-15 21:22:05

Also.. I didn't want to put the Moses basket on the stand in our bedroom because we have a silly Labrador which I'm abit worried about being clumsy. With it only being on a little frame I would be too worried he would accidentally knock into it or something. I definitely think she'll be safer in the basket in the cot now.

applecore0317 Fri 10-Jul-15 23:36:19

I'm not a fan of the waitrose nappies, they are ok, but Aldi ones are way better and have the line indicator to show if a nappy is wet. The waitrose ones don't have that a seem thicker and more rigid.

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