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No sleep

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bailey123 Fri 10-Jul-15 05:23:44

hi all this is my first time writing so here Gos!! I found out last week I was expecting an hubby an I are over the moon, but I was on anti depressions but have stopped taking them from I found out! The problem is I can't sleep a wink, I always had sleep problems an wud of used nytol or sleep aid which but it's not allowed in pregnancie! sad cud some one please tell me if there is any sleep aid that's safe in the first trimester, as we have 2 other kids so I'm not even getting naps confused I'm also getting restless legs which is prob coming from withdrawals from the AD!!! Thanks in advance x

TanteRose Fri 10-Jul-15 05:57:37

Hi bailey

you've posted this in the wrong place - try opening the link

and clicking on Start a New Thread at the top of the list of messages.

hope you get some replies when others start waking up for the day smile

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