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Being induced at 37 weeks

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mrsbrionys Thu 09-Jul-15 21:28:05

Hi All,

Currently 35+5 with DD but she is taking after her daddy & being a pain in the bum! I have had 3 admissions through triage for reduced movements, my most recent being yesterday & discharged today.

Along with other things, they have decided to give me steroids, monitor me daily & then by next Saturday (37 weeks) start induction.

Has anyone been induced this early? If so, did baby have to go to neonatal?

I know every baby is different & its going to be a case of waiting until she is here to know but just need a little reassurance as pooping my pants is an understatement!!

Thanks smile

juneavrile Thu 09-Jul-15 22:15:49

If this helps at all...breech twins are usually born by c section at 37 weeks and a large % go to neonatal for a short stay because they're a little small or early. A singleton might not have to. If over 5lb you're already in a good place. You might have to have a steroid injection for lung development. Be comforted that some babies are better out than in.

My babies did spend time in neonatal and it was absolutely fine. Not ideal, but at the same time it has some benefits - if you're first timers you learn to take care of the baby from wonderful experts.

Try to relax. Should you end up in neonatal you will be astounded at the many truly tiny 25 / 26 week old babies that are there doing their last trimester of growth under caring watchful eyes of the nhs.

Wishing you all the best.

geekymommy Thu 09-Jul-15 22:20:37

I was born around 36 or 37 weeks. I was 5 lbs 13 oz. I'm 40 now.

mostlymindblown Thu 09-Jul-15 22:36:19

Try not to worry (hard I know! ) I was induced at 37 weeks due to concerns about the baby's growth which were raised at 36 wks.

The consultant advised they tried to ' keep them in' until 37 wks as that meant that the sucking reflex would be developed and so hopefully few issues with feeding. My baby was estimated at 5lb 1 on the scans but arrived at 5lb 6 so not even officially low birth weight in the end. He was popped under a lamp for a bit in a cot next to me but no other interventions - he is now a very lively 9 month old into absolutely everything and on 50% percentile for weight so has totally caught up smile

Even if she is a little one you will be amazed at how quickly she packs on the pounds - be warned though, these wee ones can come out hungry!

mrsbrionys Mon 13-Jul-15 18:24:52

Thanks girls, appreciate it!

Had the consultant today & they've decided to induce me on Friday so time to go through everything & make sure we haven't forgotten anything haha.


BadgerFace Mon 13-Jul-15 19:13:58

I wasn't induced but DD came at 37 weeks via EMCS after a placental abruption and she was 6 lb 9 and fine, no need for neonatal. Early does not necessarily mean tiny (although obviously it can be a big factor!).

Good luck on Friday. At least you've got time to repack everything and organise yourself, I was going to go through everything again the morning after DD arrived! Read the manuals to your steriliser, breast pump etc if you have them and have a practice. We came home 4 days after the EMCS and had to then work everything out!

willnotbetamed Mon 13-Jul-15 19:30:02

My two were born naturally at 32+3 and 36+ weeks. DC1 was in neonatal (but not in an incubator) and DC2 was fine and we came home the same day. I was also born at about 37 weeks and was fine.

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