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gutted it looks like it's going to be a section. positive experiences please.

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RockerMummy184 Thu 09-Jul-15 20:50:10

I'm 25 weeks with dcda twins and have been told it's looking likely that I'm going to need a section which I'm absolutely devastated about.
I knew the risk of needing a section was higher with twins but my consultant was all for me trying to deliver vaginally if I could. But now it seems that everything that could be standing in my way of a vaginal birth is!
They are relatively small issues which could correct themselves and on their own wouldn't cause a major problem, but there are so many of them adding up my consultant said its not likely they are going to.
Amongst the main problems, twin 1 is breech and twin 2 is transverse, I have placenta praevia, and twin 1 (who is lying lowest so will be born first) has a high placenta, twin 2 has the low one.
I can't get my head round the fact that I might not be able to deliver them naturally, and I'm struggling to come to terms with it.
I'm also terrified of the recovery time involved. I have a 2yo.
Anyone else had positive experiences of having a section (singletons or twins)?
Am I being ridiculous?

DownstairsMixUp Thu 09-Jul-15 21:00:50

No you aren't being ridiculous first of all, but secondly, it's not all bad. I had a planned C section with my second ds and it was wonderful. The nurses all spoke to me throughout everything, the spinal (which btw, doesn't hurt, it's actually the cannula going in that hurts more but still ok) I had the radio playing in the background when he was delivered to. They printed off the list of songs that played during the surgery and marked what was on when they lifted him out. Recovery time was fine, was doing stuff normally within a week, didn't really need painkillers they gave me. Was a much better experience than my natural labour.

MrsSpencerReid Thu 09-Jul-15 21:08:38

I had an emergency section with ds1, section was fine, recovery fairly easy, nothing bad to say really!! Ds2 was also a section, better theatre experience as it was planned, calm and ds didn't need nicu, there are 20m between my two and recovery was fine with the second, I was just very careful how I picked him up. Good luck grin

AbbeyRoadCrossing Thu 09-Jul-15 22:12:19

I had an emergency section with DS, due to placenta praevia and apart from the emergency nature it was OK. In fact I really want another section this time.
Recovery wise it varies, I was up and about slowly the next day. The sooner you can get up the better even if it's a slow shuffle round the bed. Lifting was tough for a while but I was totally back to normal, lifting buggy on buses etc, by 2 weeks after I think. And I'm told a planned section is much easier recovery wise.
I'd say keep taking pain killers, if you feel better reduce them - don't just stop. Loose fitting clothes and air the scar as much as possible. If you can get help at home then do it, especially if the toddler likes to be picked up
Hope all goes well

Raasay Thu 09-Jul-15 22:16:45

Had an unplanned section with twins.

It was fine, not scary and I couldn't feel anything at all.

Taking care of twins after a section was hard work though. My DH took quite a bit of time off and my DPs did all our housework and laundry for the first six weeks.

It's not the end of the world though, my advice is to organise some help for when you get out of hospital as not being able to lift when you have two babies to haul around is a pain.

trilbydoll Thu 09-Jul-15 22:53:23

I had an emcs with dd1 and elcs with dd2. Both really good experiences, and recovery loads better than I imagined.

If possible, don't do anything you shouldn't for the first two weeks, I'm sure it speeds up recovery. I was lifting dd (2yo, 11kg I think) around the end of week 4. I could use the pushchair before then, as I wasn't driving I didn't need to lift it anywhere.

We've got dd2 in a sleepyhead in a cot bed pushed up against our bed which really helped as I didn't have to get out of bed or bend to get her. Mil did a lot of washing for us!

seaoflove Thu 09-Jul-15 22:59:51

I've had a textbook waterbirth (well, tore very badly so not entirely textbook) and an ELCS.

The ELCS was absolutely wonderful. In comparison with the VB which left me physically and mentally traumatised, it was a walk in the park.

Honestly, natural childbirth is truly overrated. And the method in which your babies arrive is SO unimportant in the long term.

turdfairynomore Thu 09-Jul-15 23:00:51

I had an emcs with DD and elcs with DS. The elcs in particular was "wee buns"! It was like a party! I loved it! The best tip I can give you is store everything at waist height-nothing down low in a bedside locker! Carry one bottle of "wash everything stuff" into the shower and hold it tightly as if you drop it, it's gone forever! Keep on top of the,pain by taking all that is offered to you as its,easier to keep it at bay than to catch up with it when it's got away from you. And accept all help that is offered!

cookiefiend Thu 09-Jul-15 23:24:39

I had an EMCS and was terrified it would be awful. Honestly it was fine and completely manageable. I know some people with bad tears from vagiinal births and I think that is worse in that a section scar is tidy and predictable. I am hoping for a vbac this time, but a large part of me would feel relived with a planned section. It will be fine.

BirdInTheRoom Thu 09-Jul-15 23:48:31

I think you have to keep things in perspective and just think about the fact it will be the safest option for your babies.

Recovery from ELCS is generally pretty good - I had very minimal pain and was moving about easily within a couple of days and driving after two weeks.

The good thing about an ELCS is that it's pretty predictable, whereas you can have good, but also very scary and damaging VBs and you never know how it's going to go.

I have, and never will experience a natural birth but I really don't care - giving birth is such a tiny part of the journey, and the type of birth of birth you have is made out to be far more important than it actually is. Baby out safely, job done.

lilacpaintedview Fri 10-Jul-15 07:24:15

I had EMCS some years ago and recovery really was fine, a breeze. I am having a ELCS (for medical reasons) next week (oh f****) and although I know it will be fine am somewhat crapping myself. Good to read all these positive comments on here smile

RockerMummy184 Fri 10-Jul-15 08:46:47

Thank you for sharing all of your positive experiences! It's great to know so many of you had a lovely trouble free birth.

After posting this last night I sat and thought about what is bothering me and think I might need to speak to my midwife about my anxieties.

I had a VB with DS, but due to being induced and put straight on the drip it ended up with a vontouse (sp?) Delivery as the continuous contractions caused him to become distressed.
He was then taken away from me while I was rushed to theatre due to a retained placenta and pph which meant I was away from him for hours. I couldn't give him his first cuddle or skin to skin. I felt (and still do feel) like an absolute failure. Giving birth is supposed to be what women do, and I couldn't even do that right! So now I know I probably won't give birth naturally this time I feel like a failure already! I think about my son's birth every day (2 years later) and it's just occurred to me that this isn't healthy.

Thank you for all of your lovely supportive stories and positive experiences! smile

FlopIsMyParentingGuru Fri 10-Jul-15 08:58:34

I had a planned section with DD because of the birth trauma I still had from DS's birth.
It was such a healing experience for me and I was so pleased I had been able to go down this route which, for me, was completely the right decision.
I knew the date that I would have DD which helped me manage my nervousness (no "will it be today" anxieties) and on the day DH and I went over to the hospital calm but excited, with me having gone the day before for a routine chat with the anaesthetist to answer any questions I had and go over the process etc.
We then sat and chatted while we waited for our slot, it was a really special time knowing we were so close to meeting our daughter and it was lovely to get a pause before the chaos of a newborn to laugh and dream dreams for our daughter.
Then the time came and we both went down, I had the spinal injection which is nowhere as bad as you might think (and I'm a bit needle phonic) and DH then came in.
The anaesthetist kept me up to speed on how things were going and before I knew it we had DD. I've got tears in my eyes as I type even though it was over two years ago. It was so lovely and special.
It takes a bit of time to sew you up and do the normal newborn checks but before you know it you're sat in the recovery room cuddling your baby.
For me it was completely right and I have lovely memories from it.
I hope that you can make your peace with it, I would recommend taking it through with your midwife. There are still decisions you can make about what happens during a c section - the midwife or consultant can talk you through it.
There is a recover time I won't lie, but if you can get up as soon as you are allowed it makes things much much easier.
And in the end, it's a bit trite to say, but try to remember it's one day and only one step on your journey with your DC.

Marcipex Fri 10-Jul-15 09:10:00

DD had an elc after a difficult delivery the first time.

She was very nervous but said it was much better than her imaginings and nothing she couldn't cope with.

She had one quite miserably uncomfortable day,second a much better day, then hardly needed any more painkillers and couldn't believe how great everything was.

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