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Your bump is soo big!

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Clairejessica123 Thu 09-Jul-15 18:37:16

More of a rant really! I'm almost 23 weeks pregnant and was at the top end of a health weight when I got pregnant. Due to sickness and food adversions I've put 4lb. Last couple of weeks my bump has popped! I knew before being pregnant that pregnant woman are often treated as public property but I just don't get how some people are so rude!

I've had so many people comment on how big I am, calling me chubby etc and in my head I'm just saying 'yes because I have a baby inside of me!!' I often feel like saying 'what's your excuse!' Etc but I doubt that will go down well!!

Smiling sweetly is starting to wear thin. Any suggestions on what to say to people?

Fatty12 Thu 09-Jul-15 18:49:57

Hi ..

I'll be snooping to see what advice people give, I'm literally in opposite situation.

I'm currently 27 weeks and have always been tall & slim; and people are like 'wow, you don't even look pregnant', 'you're so tiny'. Tbh big, small, medium; you can never win. Someone will always say something.

I was feeling down today too because of something someone said but I tend to just make a joke out of the whole situation lol

I responded today with: 'I was thinking that, until my last scan, when their told me my baby was perfect size for its dates so maybe the size of the bump doesn't have any impact on your overall pregnancy.'

Appleblossom82 Thu 09-Jul-15 18:53:55

I hate this too. My bmi was 31 on booking in. Im now 23 weeks and have gained a stone. Feeling pretty big but still only size 14-16 in maternity clothes so not massive.

i had a definite bump from 16 weeks and its now really quite big. I am sick to death of comments everywhere i go. Makes me not want to go out sometimes sad

passthenutella Thu 09-Jul-15 18:59:01

I got this all the time when pregnant with dd. "are you sure it's not twins?" was one that particularly annoyed me. I think people just look for something to say, try not to take it to heart. No real advice to give just my sympathy, smiling sweetly (through gritted teeth) like you was the best I did.
However I loved showing off my growing bump and never felt better than when I was pregnant. Try not to let it get you down and enjoy it smile

newbian Thu 09-Jul-15 19:51:00

I'm the same as Fatty, I don't look pregnant at 23 weeks and have gotten comments like "It's not healthy to diet while pregnant" etc. I'm just tall so baby has lots of room and my belly doesn't stick out much. People will say something no matter how you look!

ARV1981 Thu 09-Jul-15 21:42:41

My bump is big. It's a week and a half ahead of what it should be. I have excess fluid apparently, which is bloody uncomfortable! I get the 'is it twins' comments a lot, but that's partly because I am a twin so people assume I'm more likely to have them (actually it skips a generation in my family if my mum's to be believed). I did get upset before I found out about the excessive fluid, now I know why it's big and there apparently isn't anything I can do so I just say 'yes, I'm big because there's more fluid than normal, I just hope the baby's ok' and they usually shut up!!!

RockerMummy184 Thu 09-Jul-15 21:59:51

I like to go with 'What? This? <points to tummy> Oh yes, I did have quite a large lunch!'
People get very uncomfortable and quickly walk away.

hannahwoodward28 Thu 09-Jul-15 23:02:29

This is literally my pet hate at the moment!!!! You wouldn't dream of commenting on a woman's figure if they weren't pregnant, so why do it when they are feeling self conscious and vulnerable?! People are so rude! I just want to hide away to avoid all the comments sad

MarinaCoyle Thu 09-Jul-15 23:05:40

Tell them you're not pregnant. Instant and total mortification for them, evil laughs for you. Mwah ha ha ha!

turdfairynomore Thu 09-Jul-15 23:10:32

At 7 months I told my mum that I was tired and so didn't think I'd go out shopping with her that afternoon. Her reply? "I'm not surprised that you're embarrassed to go out. People are talking about the size you are"!!

Mummymidwife87 Fri 10-Jul-15 09:26:38

I wish people wouldn't comment on the size of a bump, unless in a medical manner.
It's so bloody unnecessary. The size of your bump means bugger all.

At 20weeks I looked about 30weeks, at 26weeks people thought I was due soon, that or having twins. I was working in community and pregnant women & postnatal,women still thought it was okay to comment on size. So rude.

Don't listen. Ignore.

EdgarAllenPoe Fri 10-Jul-15 10:05:20

I'm at that not looking pregnant but looking fatter than usual stage. On the one hand I'm looking forward to having a proper bump so people will realise I'm not just getting fat. On the other hand people tend to be so much more forward when they think you are pregnant, which this thread confirms!

I probably will struggle to hold back the inner snark if anyone comments on my size. I think I'll just find something unfortunate to highlight about their bodies. What's good for the goose...

Ca55andraMortmain Fri 10-Jul-15 10:15:30

'Is it twins?' Drives me insane! More so when it's people you know who keep saying 'are you SURE it's not twins?' So rude. I've taken to calmly saying 'it's not twins and it hurts my feelings when you say that.' Seems to do the trick!

CordeliaFoxx Fri 10-Jul-15 10:21:34

The comments never bothered me much - it was the random strangers who thought me being pregnant gave them a right to touch my bump, really annoyed me

Beckygrace1992 Mon 13-Jul-15 19:22:28

I have the opposite problem I'm 28 weeks and people keep commenting on how little my bump is angry being a first time mum I was really worried about it and it made me feel like something was wrong! But everyone carries differently, I've put on about a stone but I think that all has gone to my boobs !!! I think when your pregnant people don't have a filter, I got told that because I was young having a boy would be easier ????? That doesn't even make sense confused plus I don't even know what I'm having but the worst comment I had was did your partner propose because your pregnant ! I actually wanted to slap the lady I was so offended !
Ignore the judgement that you get from others and enjoy your bump whatever size it is xx

NickyEds Mon 13-Jul-15 20:00:27

I've had this with this pregnancy. A woman at toddler group asked how many weeks I was and when I said 35 replied "Wow you're massive, you're never going to last another 5 weeks" . Bitch. I just wanted to tell her to piss off but actually just said that I'd just have to wouldn't I. I didn't smile sweetly though-she'd just been bloody rude to me.

sianihedgehog Mon 13-Jul-15 22:27:52

It's actually not really bothering me much. My bump is UTTERLY RIDICULOUS. I'm very very short, and measuring a week or so over, and I look hilarious. I've been taking really unflattering selfies and putting them on Facebook. I can't exactly argue with all the people who say I look like I might burst, because I do!

eurochick Mon 13-Jul-15 22:38:13

I was told I had a big and small bump in the same day once. People are just trying to think of something to say and the bump is right there in the middle of you.

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