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100% sure of dates but measuring 9 days larger?

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ChicaMomma Thu 09-Jul-15 15:14:30

Hi ladies

I had my (what i thought was) 8 week early scan this morning- I am 100% sure of my LMP, and we only DTD once last cycle- so there's no disputing my dates, and i was sure i was 8+2.. yet i am measuring 9+4. Flabbergasted by this tbh as my DS was always measuring 2 days behind (and small at birth too, 6'10), so i assumed this one who measure about bang on too or on the small side.

The consultant reassured me it was nothing to worry about but of course my mind is going into overdrive! Does it signify a defect? I wouldnt think anything of it only that my frist was so spot on and possibly on the small side..

Also i was really hoping for a girl this time, seems less likely now- again he told me that was a rubbish theory and to relax and enjoy the prengnancy! i just cant see how it could be 9+4 but he's insisted on changing my EDD.

Anyone any nuggets of experience with same??

NeuroticFox1 Thu 09-Jul-15 15:40:04

Hello, similar experience to you. I went for an early scan at 10+ 1 weeks and was told I was 11+4 then 13 days later my 12ish week scan they said I was 14.0. So not only did my dates and theirs not match but their first scan didn't match the second! So I concluded it is not as much of an exact science as they like to make out. Like you I know when last period was but I have a slightly shorter than 28 day cycle and so think that may change things?! 20 week scan was okay and am now 32 week so hopefully the measurements don't indicate any problems with baba. I also don't think weight indicates sex, we've been told we're having a girl, but I guess we won't know for sure until their birth-day! On last bump measurements she was just over average size but within average range. Hope that helps! x

ChicaMomma Thu 09-Jul-15 15:45:41

oh that helps a LOT neurotic, thank you! I wish i could stop my mind from going into overdrive!!

Was SO sure it was a girl (as we dtd on day 10 and i usually ovulate on day 13) plus my pregnancy is much different to the last one (which was a boy) so was just assuming it would be a girl! Also assumed i'd have a 'smallish' one this time but obviously not.. I'm now wondering was the last one small as he was conceived on an 'all you can eat/drink' honeymoon when we were literally having Cosmo's for breakfast! See- mind in overdrive loL!

hope you're feeling well, not long to go at ALL xx

tinyme135 Thu 09-Jul-15 16:01:09

When I went for my 12 week scan I was adamant I was only going to be like 7-8 weeks and bang they said I was 12+4. I didn't understand (doesn't help I don't have periods as such) so I put it down to i don't know my cycle dates or I'm having a big baby haha

ChicaMomma Thu 09-Jul-15 17:04:47

See TinyMe for someone like you that doesnt have regular periods i wouldnt be massively surprised by that- same happened to my friend, who got like about 6 periods a yr, anything from 8 weeks to 12 weeks apart! (Not sure how she ever got pregnant, they must have been DTD every day!!) but my cycle has been 26 days for the last 20 yrs- every month (aside from postnatally while BF) Maybe it was a error on the sonography side of things? let's see what it measures at the next scan! i suppose for now i should be happy all looks well, etc. Mothers- we are always looking for something to worry about!!!!!!

Ilovecrapcrafts Thu 09-Jul-15 17:07:30

It's only a date based on the size of the baby, which is an average of all babies. So your baby is measuring 9+4, doesn't mean it was conceived 9 weeks 4 days ago....

ChicaMomma Thu 09-Jul-15 17:15:28

Well it definitely doesnt mean it was conceived 9+4 ago as it takes the date from start of last LMP. So it would mean it was conceived about 7+4 ago when i know it was 6+1! But yeah, like you say, it's just an average. Just surprising when my last boy was so small. Fact of the matter is, they'll come when they are ready one way or another.

I suppose my concern also is that if i'm down for an earlier due date than i feel appropriate that there'll be pressure to induce if i'm ''overdue''- but one step at a time as they say! My hospital policy (i'm in dublin btw) is induction at 40+10- so by my reckoning, i'd only be 40+1 when they'd have me down as 40+10- but i'm still 7 months away from having that discussion either way!

Ilovecrapcrafts Thu 09-Jul-15 17:19:55

You only take the due date from your LMP until you have the dating scan though?

I think what's happened really really common- I was put forward 8 days at my 12 week scan and like you knew exactly when baby was conceived

Despite my worries about induction she came 2 days late. Again, it's only an average.

scatterbrainedlass Fri 10-Jul-15 10:03:00

I'm the same, I'm fairly certain of conception dates (give or take 2 days) which gives me a dd of 28/10. My 12 wk and 20 wk scans both come up with dd of 21/10, a full week earlier. If you count backwards to conception, it was impossible as I was on my period then... scans are not very accurate, there are all sorts of stories of women being told their babies were going to be very small or very big based on scans, but they were average when they were actually born. If you are that sure of your dates, then the only thing I'd say is don't get pressurised into an induction (unless it's medically required) as they may be saying you're 2 weeks overdue when you're actually only 3 days. Don't worry, as long as the baby is continuing to grow, and is healthy, that's all that matters at this point.

ChicaMomma Fri 10-Jul-15 10:16:13

Exactly scatterbrain- it would be the induction side of things that would concern me- for my first baby i thought he was due 3 days earlier than they reckoned (and he came 4 days early!) but i was happy to have a later EDD because as a FTM i really wanted to avoid induction. My consultant is anti induction anyhow so hopefully wont be an issue.

Thanks ladies, feel better that it's not uncommon.

cttontail Fri 10-Jul-15 10:29:30

As I understand it, conception is when sperm meets egg, not necessarily when you DTD. Sperm can survive for up to 5 days inside you. Were you monitoring ovulation/do you know the length of your luteal phase?

Also, according to you, this baby will probably measure small too, as you think they are expecting it to be a week bigger than you think it should be, so will be similar to your other child, not the opposite.

There is a small degree of error in the scans too, even at 12 weeks (although I think this is the best time to get dates, so they may change it again then), but it will not significantly affect your pregnancy.

Worry not!

ChicaMomma Fri 10-Jul-15 10:39:15

Ctton, i'm 100% sure of my luteal phase and ovulation- we dtd 2 days before ovulation and on ovulation day i had incredibly bad pains, which i assume were implantation/conception pains. I used sticks to confirm i was ovulating that day!

i dont get the logic on your second point, I'd've thought it was the other way 'round- i'm in braindead pregnancy mode though today though, will read it again lol

Yeah the consultant did say that he'd review it again at the 12 week dating scan so let's see what that brings. In the meantime i'll focus on teh positive- healthy, thriving baba!!

Ilovecrapcrafts Fri 10-Jul-15 10:43:17

Don't forget scans aren't accurate but neither is 40 weeks gestation, it's only average. Baby will be full term at 38 and could come any time in the month after that.

Although sperm lives 5 days eggs don't and wouldn't it be more likely it's the ovulation date you'd be sure of?

Ilovecrapcrafts Fri 10-Jul-15 10:46:08

Sorry that's a roundabout way of saying maybe baby is 9 days ahead now so is more likely to be ready to be born faster too? It's growing faster than average

ChicaMomma Fri 10-Jul-15 11:40:13

ilovecrapcrafts i think youre spot on- it has to be that it is growing faster than average, for whatever reason, simple as that- because i am 1000% certain of all my dates. Sadly, we only had sex once that month (we have a 1yr old bad sleeper in the house!!) and i know when i ovulated. SO yeah, think it's plain and simple, it's a grower so will come earlier.
Thanks for putting it so simply, as i said, i'm a victim of the baby brain already.
And yes- 37-42 week gestation is totally normal!

cttontail Fri 10-Jul-15 14:49:08

What I meant was, if it was 20 weeks according to them, it'd be just under 19 weeks according to you. So, if the baby was on 50th centile for 18+5 weeks, would only be on (I don't know what, but say) 25th centile for a 20 week baby, so measuring small.

But like you said, they may change it at the 12 week scan anyway and I really don't think it's anything to worry about at this stage!

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