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Kensington Wing Consultants

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Luckygirlcharlie Thu 09-Jul-15 15:00:16

Hi girls! So am very newly pregant -about 5 weeks - and though I feel I'm jinxing, it I'm sorting out our care. With DS we went midwife led at K Wing which was ok, but after a textbook pregnancy, we really could have done with a consultant on the birth day! Long story but anyway this time we are going consultant led. My concern with this is being pushed into a c section but obviously if it's the safest option then fine. I just don't want a consultant who's known for being a bit of a slicer because he's late for a fishing trip iykwim!

I'm currently thinking Mark Johnson - even though he's the most expensive one! Luckily were getting some help there. Any opinions on him or the other K wing consultants would be fab please! X

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