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too early to get a bfp but really bad pregnancy symptoms? justified or being stupid?! heard roumors of multiples- experiences and opinions ladies!? HELP!!! ��

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toniandjunior1 Wed 08-Jul-15 23:53:28

Hi guys, this is my first post here so please bare with me smile so at the risk of sounding like a total loonie here we go ��

Basically I haven't exactly been ttc but a few weeks ago me and the other half decided to stop birth control. Not to chart ov and try as such but go as we are and see how long it takes. - my cycles have gone from 4 weeks regular to 6 weeks in the past year so we figured itd take a while...

HOWEVER... Starting last Friday me and the oh went out and I had literally one drink bowling , and felt severely sick and almost vommed. I went white and hot (almost fevery) and was very nauseous. This is unusual as I have only ever been this way once before with my previous pregnancy before I found out.

So I tested the next day and it was negative (I'm not much of a waiter haha) but of course it would be as my af isn't due till a few days from now and this was last Friday!

Anyway since then. I am nauseous constantly. never sick and I'm not ill by any means but from the stomach queasy if you get me. Its constant, but feels much worse late at night and early morning when I wake and also when I'm travelling, like motion sickness!

I also "feel full" like stretched. I know its impossible to be expanding yet if I was but I just feel bloated and different- I even got asked if I wanted to sit down by a lady in a busy train today so I must have been standing funny due to how bloated I feel! And its made worse that I constantly feel like I have indigestion!

And sounds stupid but I feel like my heart is working harder almost? I'm getting breathless and cant run (I do intense exercise regularly usually) and when I lie down my breathing feels restricted on my back especially- almost like I was in my second and third trimester with my 3yo!

Also today things have been starting to taste funny. I had fries from maccies (not healthy I know but I felt acidy and sickly so ate) and the saltbwas really prominent- even dipped drowned in bbq sauce! And i had a can of tango and it tasted sour to me like orange peel and I asked my oh and he said it was fine!

Also my boobs are really achey and itchy and they're starting to get so sore. Like my bra is hurting my nipples sore (sorry tmi)

Anyway no bfp and probably shouldn't torment myself by testing before a late af next week if it occurs but I may test again closer to af regardless...

does it sound like pregnancy to you guys or something else? Is it plausible it could potentially be a multiple pregnancy (there are twins on my mums side like great aunts and a couple who had children who were originally multiples which is what made me wonder and I have heard the stories of increased and early symptoms)

I don't want to go to the doctor because of sounding insane and being disregarded lol my other half already thinks I'm being ott , but the constant nausea and the breathlessness when lying down thing especially is worrying me! sad

Sorry its an essay and thanks!!!

Sianipoo15 Thu 09-Jul-15 01:09:16

Hi, new to this but have been frantically searching the net for days..
Pretty much in the same boat as you!!
My period was the 18th of June! Had sex 6/7 days later. Since 11 days since period started I have had different symptoms every day.
Starting with a gassy tummy
Cramps, back ache period pains for days now! Saturday started with an upset stomach and it's been like that since. Sunday I had hot flushes and headaches now my boobs are sore and I am sensitive to smells feeling nauseous!! My next period is due 15th July! X

SunbathingCat Thu 09-Jul-15 01:24:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

newbian Thu 09-Jul-15 02:07:10

None of us can really know until you wait a few days and test again. Some women swear they have symptoms very early while the evidence tends to suggest that it's not possible. Patience is hard but time is the only way to get an answer!

Roseybee10 Thu 09-Jul-15 05:56:55

It could be but then I don't want to get your hopes up.

I had symptoms a week before af was due both times but I also had symptoms on other months with no bfp at the end of it. I think sometimes our minds can play tricks. I would wait and if nothing by Sunday I would test then. Good luck.

Sighing Thu 09-Jul-15 06:01:15

Well. It sounds unlikely. But, weirdly, when pregnant around 4/5 dpo every time (6 pregnancies, 2 children) I've woken convinced I was about to be sick. I sit up. It passes. I've never had twins.

toniandjunior1 Thu 09-Jul-15 11:14:23

Hey guys thanks for the replies.
Yeah I know the obvious is it isn't possible, that's what I logically think anyway I guess its just more I'm insure what on earth is happening. I can only imagine how you feel siani, it's driving me nuts!
I woke up even more nauseous today than any other day which is really weird nut yes your right all I can do is wait and see.
I'm really gonna try and just forget about it for now if I can, its just really difficult with constant nausea and only being able to sleep in certain positions. sad

Thanks guys x

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