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Where to give birth conundrum

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Ummusomebody Wed 08-Jul-15 21:12:04

So for reasons outside of my control (mainly work related) I'd had had my antenatal appointments outside of London where I work as I'm usually there Mon-Fri and back in London for the weekend.

Moved to London at 36 weeks as DH works and lives in London once my leave had started and tried transferring my care. Went to see my GP who referred me to the closest hospital to me ( without asking me) but I felt I'd go with it as I didn't have enough time. But whilst I was waiting (impatiently) I self referred to another hospital that I felt would probably prefer because newer facilities ( I was hoping to deliver in a birth centre- if possible pool birth) . I'd also rang my closest hospital way beforehand to say can I have a tour and was given one for 38+weeks.

Anyway, GP referral came through, decided to go and went for my "booking" appt include repeat of all the blood tests. Whilst there, asked nicely if I could see their facilities. It happened their birth centre is closed for refurbishment, nothing mentioned on their website or anywhere about this and they've transformed 4 rooms on labour unit to midwife led, one with pool. The labour rooms themselves look very old and really tiny compared to others I had seen before.

Today I've just had a letter from my self referral hosp( which I had forgotten about) to offer another "booking" appointment which I'm guaranteed going through my history ( just about the millionth time) as well as booking bloods ( like I'm not anemic enough)

Question is shall I go for this new appointment and cancell my next midwife appt at my closest hospital ? Or just stick to the one I've already had? To make matters worse , they're on the same day. DH feels I should go for the new appt as he thinks I'll be less stressed about giving birth there but I'm wary of goinn through everything over again.

Advice please.

BTW I'm 37+5 ( sort of praying I'd go into labour before my next appointment to solve this headache)

bluewisteria Wed 08-Jul-15 21:34:57

Can you ask the newer hospital if you can have a tour and chat to a midwife before you book in to see if you like the look of it?

Ummusomebody Wed 08-Jul-15 23:48:01

I plan on trying tomorrow. The thing is it's almost impossible to speak to someone ( no one ever picks up the phones). But I'll try giving them a ring to see...

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