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Alternative to a Diet Coke?

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bluewisteria Wed 08-Jul-15 17:34:32

I know it's total crap and possibly damaging, but it is the only thing stopping me from vomiting. I seem to throw up anywhere between 3-7 times a day at the moment and have done the last 2 weeks. My urine was getting pretty dark and I've stopped managing water, it just comes back up.

I've tried fizzy water, very cold drinks, lucozade etc but only diet coke seems to stop this. But it's nasty stuff. Any alternatives?

Thanking you flowers

Appleblossom82 Wed 08-Jul-15 17:35:42

Caffeine free diet coke? If thats all you can drink better that than nothing.

RatOnnaStick Wed 08-Jul-15 17:36:18

Oh just drink the coke. In the short term the benefits of feeling slightly less crap vastly outweigh the downsides.

LorelaiVictoriaGilmore Wed 08-Jul-15 17:43:31

I also say just drink the coke. But would regular coke work? At least then you'd be getting some sugar... My GP/midwife recommended it when I had morning sickness plus stomach flu for a week or so.

Millipedewithherfeetup Wed 08-Jul-15 17:44:27

Agree stick with the diet coke if it makes you feel les sick, hopefully it won't be for too long anyway.

bluewisteria Wed 08-Jul-15 17:44:41

Ok right I'll try caffeine free and normal coke, which I don't think has aspartame in?

theaveragebear1983 Wed 08-Jul-15 17:45:40

I'm struggling with the same problem, although not drinking diet coke. Cannot stomach squash or water, so very thirsty! I've been having lots of ice in a tall glass with lime cordial and soda water which seems to cut through the sicky feeling. Probably dissolving my teeth, but never mind.....

soloula Wed 08-Jul-15 17:48:48

Aspartame is evil stuff so if it was me I'd be going regular coke over diet.

RatOnnaStick Wed 08-Jul-15 17:55:20

The best thing for me was grapefruit juice, the acidity cut through the nausea.

MummyPiggy87 Wed 08-Jul-15 18:00:00

Get the coke "life" or like pp said the gold caffeine free coke. They are better alternatives to diet coke as contain less of the bad stuff.

soloula Wed 08-Jul-15 18:16:17

When I was pregnant with DD1 I used to eat 1/4 pineapple each evening and it really helped with the morning sickness the next day. I'd had pineapple one night for pudding and was much better the next day and wondered if that was what had made the difference. Tried it again and it seemed to work. Can't face fresh pineapple now right enough as I ate so much at the time :grin: Have you tried the wee travel sickness wristbands? I found they helped too.

Boosiehs Wed 08-Jul-15 18:28:11

If it's aspartame you are worries about, you really shouldn't be.

If it's caffeine, maybe try the caffeine free version.

bluewisteria Wed 08-Jul-15 18:32:05

This is all really helpful, thank you so much everyone flowers

DaysAreWhereWeLive Wed 08-Jul-15 18:54:12

I tried the caffeine free but it didn't taste quite as sharp as the regular. Just drink it, it's all that saved my sanity; well, that and REALLY vinegary crisps.

Appleblossom82 Wed 08-Jul-15 19:01:49

In terms of caffeine intake you could have 5 cans a day within the nhs guidelines.

Skiptonlass Wed 08-Jul-15 19:03:29

Just drink the regular stuff. I HATE coke but when I had severe sickness it was a good way of getting fluid and sugar in.

cherryade8 Wed 08-Jul-15 19:09:18

How about try the Sainsbury own brand version? They don't use aspartame in their soft drinks (I'm knocking back their cherryade atm :-))

bluewisteria Wed 08-Jul-15 19:41:04

This is all great, will try pineapple too. Wrist bands made me feel worse so maybe I was placing them incorrectly.

I had severe hyperemesis with DD1 and v bad vomiting with DD2 so it's no surprise to get it again really.

Achm Sun 12-Jul-15 08:15:49

Ugh, I'm only 5 weeks but feeling queasy all the time! Any tips on what to eat? Have managed a piece of biscuit this am but can't face anything else!

Wishful80sMontage Sun 12-Jul-15 08:18:01

I've been drinking caffeine free it's ok and the occasional normal one- I'm away next week so I'm glad to read I can drink a couple as doubt I'll get caffeine free.

Bellabutterfly2014 Sun 12-Jul-15 08:19:44

Try ginger ale / ginger beer my friend recommended these and they are really good for nausea, as are ginger biscuits xx

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