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Hair Crisis ... Getting out of control

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Cheshirehello79 Wed 08-Jul-15 16:19:12

Not sure if everyone seems to be having same issue as myself but today I thought enough is enough.

Since falling pregnant my hairs ( tmi) armpits and down below has been growing at an increased rate of t minus one second! Ok that's a bit exaggerating but seriously I have to take care of it every two days or so. I've always epilate but my skin has now become too sensitive so I've revert to shaving but I think this is making the matter worse as they are coming back thick and fast.

I've had enough of it today and thinking sod it I'll just let it grow but then again I know I'll be tempted to get rid of it. I'm not a big waxing fan unless doing my bikini line and if I did do waxing I'd spend all my money there on this rate.

What is everyone doing? Is it just me or a well known problem and how can I tackle it . Help please:-(

coneywonder Wed 08-Jul-15 16:23:51

Im exactly the same. Honestly I could leave my legs a month and my arm pit's a week before I got pregnant not it's every day with my pits and legs get done when I can be bothered.

All I do with downstairs is use a bikini trimmer but it is a tad 70's bush atm. In all honesty I cannot be bothered! I'm due today so it can't be that much longer that I look like a yetti! I hope

Cheshirehello79 Wed 08-Jul-15 16:28:11

Lucky you coney you're due today and coming to the end of it I've got another 20 weeks if I'm not careful I'll turn into King Kong !

Skiptonlass Wed 08-Jul-15 16:29:07

I'm just leaving it. Minor use of the Lady Thatcher and the occasional shave of the lower leg. There's very little point in the latter as if I shave at seven am I have stubble by lunch. I care not one whit.

I'm also fascinated by how fast my finger and toe nails are growing. So much so I've got a magic marker dot on one and am measuring it. About 0.6mm a day by my reckoning, which is astonishing. They've always grown fast (I never wear nail varnish because what's the point when it's halfway off in a week?) but this is something else.

Cheshirehello79 Wed 08-Jul-15 16:36:38

My nails are the same skip ton but since I used to bite them prior to pregnancy I trim them almost everyday as I can't stand long nails. They have gone quite hard as well ( healthy to say the least)

Appleblossom82 Wed 08-Jul-15 17:05:01

Ive always had to shave legs and pits every day and lady garden when i can be bothered-, so im feeling quite envious of your pre pregnancy low maintenance-ness!

tinyme135 Wed 08-Jul-15 17:51:23

I could leave my legs a week (as I have really dark hair anyway) but I've notice when I shaved on Sunday (as alergic to waxing) they had come back the next day.

I'm like seriously -.-

Cheshirehello79 Wed 08-Jul-15 21:02:49

@ Apple I envy you ! My legs have not seen a razor for a very long time - now that's one area I'm not really bothered with

spnfan Thu 09-Jul-15 16:02:59

cheshire I'm the same!! It took me by surprise. Remember standing in the shower reaching for the razor again and shouting to DH about how 'this wasn't in the baby books'! X

jmac88 Thu 09-Jul-15 17:22:26

I feel your pain ladies. I have also developed quite a few stray chin hairs too! Had a couple before but they are definitely multiplying since becoming pregnant! I'm tempted to just bleach them but doesn't sound particularly safe during pregnancy...

Cheshirehello79 Thu 09-Jul-15 19:54:55

Jmac I've always epilate my facial hair as well and that's the only place that will stay free from developing a goatee .

Spnfan well said this is no where in the baby manuals

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