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Vulval vestibulitis and labour

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bestguess23 Wed 08-Jul-15 14:51:09

Has anyone with vulval vestibulitis/ vulval vestibulodynia had a VBAC here? I am still only in the first trimester but terrified of the impact of my vestibulitis on childbirth. I know a VBAC will be painful anyway but I am frightened of how much worse the vestibulitis could make the experience and whether childbirth will make the vestibulitis worse. There seems to be little information out there but I have read the information from the Vulval Pain Society. To give you an indicator of how bad mine is I have been married for 12 years and successfully had intercourse 4 times in that period so it's a happy miracle we are pregnant. I have been seen by gynaecologists and dermatologists so other issues have been ruled out but I do have a very severe case of vestibulitis.

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