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8 week pregnant and feeling drained

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fisher1 Tue 07-Jul-15 16:44:34

I thought i was coping quite well until about 5 days ago!

Up until then i was feeling nausious every day but it wasn't too bad and i could carry on with the day but as of thursday last week the nausia seems to have got worse! Its morning, noon and night all day every day - i almost wish i could be sick and then maybe it would feel better for a while? I eat, as i have to and it makes me feel better for about 10/15 mins, then i feel sick again. To top it off i feel like i have no energy and feel a little faint as well.

Is this normal? Its my first time being pregnant. :-)

lemon101 Tue 07-Jul-15 17:33:50

This was me in my first trimester! All day nausea sucks and the weird all body fatigue that is coupled with it just really tops it off! I felt really fed up with it.

Just grit your teeth lovely - it passes for most people within a few weeks (weeks 7-9 were really bad for me and then it improved slowly). Toast and marmite and oat cakes really helped me out - and make sure you keep your fluids up (although I remember even a cup of tea was a nightmare at that stage).

Its totally normal and it will pass!

primarynoodle Tue 07-Jul-15 17:39:39

hiya this is me and i totally agree with poster above!

im first time pregnant and 9 weeks today and since week 7 (after 2 weeks of panicking that i didn't feel nauseaous) the nausea and fatigue hit me like a brick! Last week was horrific and im starting to feel a little better so hopefully it wont last long for you!

little and often nibbles of carbs and sipping ice cold drinks constantly e.g. soda water + orange juice really helps me and i do shift work so at the moment whenever i am not working i am napping so make sure you get plenty of rest!

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