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Scan anxiety and UTI worries

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Frillsandspills Mon 06-Jul-15 19:50:10

I have a private scan booked for tomorrow as I'm a little over 16 weeks pregnant and I wanted to have another peek at my baby as I've been feeling pretty down lately since my split with my OH so I just wanted a bit of bonding time and some more pictures (just treating myself really).
I heard my baby's heartbeat on Friday and all seemed great (touch wood). Today and yesterday I've had a few mild cramps and general aches and pains in my lower abdomen and pelvis. Nothing I'd say is too worrying but it does play on my mind and makes me worry regardless.
I went to the doctors today and done a urine sample and I have a slight water infection, although when my midwife tested my urine on Wednesday it was fine.
Could this slight infection give a few cramps and things? I don't feel like I've got a water infection although I'm weeing slightly more regularly which I just put down to pregnancy in general.
I'm going to pick antibiotics tomorrow, but on the phone my GP seemed concerned that id had no vomiting or other infections? (i.e chlamydia although I was tested a few weeks ago at a local clinic as its a compulsory check by them, but I knew I was in the all clear anyway as I've only had one sexual partner in the past God knows how many years and I knew he was all clear). He also mentioned something about me keeping up my blood sugar but when I asked what he thought the problem was in general he just thought it was a slight water infection.

My urine sample is getting sent off anyway and will come back in a weeks time so hopefully it's just a water infection. Just wondering if this seems like anything to worry about? I don't know if I'm just worrying more because of my scan tomorrow, and the fear of miscarriage still looms.

i think I just want someone to tell me having a water infection is fine since I've obviously caught it early but I'm worried it will cause a problem?

I'm a very anxious mum to be!

LorryHen Mon 06-Jul-15 20:19:05

I had a water infection when I was 16 weeks and stupidly left it and it was so painful. I had loads of cramps and pain but antibiotics cleared it up in a day or two and I'm 24 weeks with no problems

Frillsandspills Mon 06-Jul-15 20:49:11

Ah thank you Lorry. I don't know if I'm imagining it but I 'feel' more like I have a water infection now. At least I can pick antibiotics up tomorrow though!

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